Upgraded Sledgehammer


Remember when I made this post complaining about how underpowered sledgehammers are in Unturned 3.0?


So basically, I learned how to use blender and mod Unturned and made this


I see a lot of people come up with ideas, but only a few people who actually take action. Good on you for going further than I ever did.


I think one stinky pirate might be pretty happy about this :griefer:

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okay this looks ebic

Can it one shot building walls, it looks like it should.

it should do 68 damage to structures
i havent tested how much it actually does so i might buff it

the upgraded sledgehammer looks like it came from unturned 2.0

Is that such a bad thing?

68? Really could you make that number cooler?

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its the default 3.0 sledgehammer model with more stuff on it

I understand what you mean, it does 500 damage now
hehe, totally what you meant

Jesus christ that thing looks like it packs a huge punch, would probably be cool if it could do a “smash attack” like i’ll hammer the ground and it’ll create a small shockwave, both comical and practical

Welcome to the community.

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