[Suggestion] Using objects as distraction for Zombies

Hey, I got another idea for interaction/finding use for different items/objects around you.
And I mean here a mechanic that can serve as a distraction.
You could make noise to lead enemies somewhere (in most cases away from you) with different objects (slamming doors)/items (metal cans, glass bottles) commonly found lying around.

Example: You are in a city/town, starving. Then you see a groceries store with some supplies in it, but unfortunately it’s all surrounded by Zombies. Luckily, you found an old, rusted can in a trash bin that you hid in before. You throw it to another place to make some noise to lead the zombies away from the store. You quickly sneak behind the unaware zombies to get supplies from the store, and quickly get out before zombies come back.

What do you think about that? I think that it would be yet another stealth aspect to the game (I made this thread and my previous one assuming that 4.0 zombies will be an actual threat and a reason to possibly stay away from cities if you can).
Feel free to share your feedback once again, I am keen to hear you all out.


Yes. Good :face_with_monocle:
This gives trash a use :newspaper_roll:


Maybe give different trash different properties? Like bottle bursting sound being much louder, but a can being reusable?

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Would be wery useful👌🏼
How about broken cars and making their alarm go off and that attracts zombies.

Go to ->18.39
Its a video from the game “days gone” witch has the car alarm thing


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