Suggestions for GOOD GAMES

Hi I’m Rain ok you guys know me got it

You guys suggest good games to me, hopefully free.

Heres what things or games I like to see

  • Open world games
  • Survival games (especially ones like Unturned where its really fun and useful to get a bunch of people together to survive.)
  • Endless grinding (dungeon crawlers like FATE are SUPER fucking fun. Level up, fight another randomly generated dungeon, level up, get better and better loot)
  • Random or procedural generation, to keep things mixed up
  • hopefully free :))))))))))))))))))

The Forest

ohh we cant forget about…



good games

hopefully free

You drive a hard bargain.


I’ve played Minecraft up until 1.12.2 for thousands upon thousands of hours. I’ve done basically everything there is to do. I’m also bored of playing all the popular modpacks.

Terraria is similar to Minecraft in respect to what I said

Isn’t starboard like terraria? :frowning:

Thousands of hours, including thousands of hours of loading into servers.

Used to watch it all the time but never bought it.

Stale, ruined. Cursed by its creator to be doomed.

War Thunder (free, recently got a massive update)

StarCraft & Brood War expansion (free)

StarCraft II (free)

FATE (only the first one the rest are trash)

yes but extremely inferior


No P2W :(((((((((

SC2 is still gas. Play C:DDA its fun! (and ticks all the boxes except multiplayer)

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Soul Knight is a pretty decent mobile dungeon crawler.

Crossout is pretty fun too, but gets a bit grindy.

the battle cats (mobile game)

euro truck sim you later 2 (chill)

escape fron tarkov (survival game but good)

apparently synthetik : legion rising is good but i dont like it (it’s like a rogue)

trackmania series (fun unrealistic race games for going wwwsssszzzsss around a track, some are free so u can try them out)

war thunder /world of tanks (p2w warning)

beat saber (u need vr tho and idk if u have that)

enter the gungeon (hhhhhhhhhhhhh)

phantom forces on road blocks


fleshy pig

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“Suggest some games to me”
Alright good start
“They must be free”

You could always play Unturned: Free to Play instead of whining about it on the forums! :smile:


The real game is fighting the gaming addiction

not nationally recognized so its not an addiction

too bad i call it one so it is one



Some of these might already have been mentioned, I haven’t read the comments yet.

Team Fortress 2
Destiny 2 (sometimes)
Half Life: 2
Garry’s Mod
Left 4 Dead 2
Starcraft II
Diablo III
Escape From Tarkov
r o b l o c k s
Counter Strike: Global Offensive
Trove (kind of dead but still fun)
Duck Game
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga ($10 USD on Steam)
Battlefront II
Stick Fight
Risk of Rain 2

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I don’t trust WHO especially during these hard times

I trust CDC more than WHO

Besides I think WHO called it off

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games are dirt cheap and insanely good. People said they were broken messes without mods but i played and beat all 3 on vanilla and wouldn’t change a thing.

Unreal World is very slow paced but oozes nordic/viking type atmosphere. Very cool. Also free.

CDDA’s way awesome and free. Project Zomboid is epic too.

The Metro games are AAA games that are like a few dollars on steam, made by some of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. crew. Super good and lovingly built games. If you have a switch you can get the first two for 50$, great ports, easy 30+ FPS at 1080p constantly, and it’s on the go!

Getting away from entirely survival-sandbox games for a moment…

Played the switch release of Darkwood recently. It’s basically a top-down Lone Survivor with more survival mechanics, that turns into a tower defense game at night. Amazing game. Impeccable atmosphere, stunningly gorgeous and nightmarish visuals, and incredibly fun gameplay; i never wanted it to end, and there’s still more to play, i got the bad ending.

(speaking of which Lone Survivor is a must play.)

Kona’s a survival-game crossed with murder mystery and works so, so much better than you’d think it would. Must play.

And, i’m sorry, but i’m a sucker for the classics, they’re what i grew up on. Metal Gear Solid 1-4 are masterpieces, will not find a more entrancing story, ever. Don’t play 5 it’s beyond dog diarrhea. Almost the entirety of the Metroid series is literally flawless games, Resident Evil 1-4 are fairly spoopy and great fun, and of course Zelda’s just a blast, especially BotW, me and my family got like 500+ hours of time from that game, for just 80$ (got the season pass :wink: )