Tackling Gold DLC's multiple character inventories


Alright it’s time that gold DLC’s multiple characters have its inventory privileges revoked.

What I mean is that all characters should share the same inventory in a multiplayer server, and that multiple characters could act as cosmetic loadouts. Though not primarily, this is also to prevent an exploit where people use extra characters as pack mule which cannot be raided/stolen. Some can say that it’s a relatively minor problem and can already be demonstrated with alt accounts, though the other would argue that it’s unfair for a purchase to give a more secure, time-efficient advantage.

I haven’t bothered with this for some time since multiple threads in different sites past few years aren’t really addressed much. I just want to see people’s current stance and maybe this would get noticed.

Should all extra characters from Gold DLC share the same inventory in a server?

  • Yes
  • No

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You can also discuss why or why not.



Secondary suggestion: Gold DLC’s extra characters should be converted as cosmetic loadouts instead. Add an option on the character preview in the in-game inventory to allow you to switch loadouts.



This would be the answer to characters exploit



This really affects vanilla imo, people just keep their good loot in characters and most part of the raids are pointless.



Regarding existing inventory in characters, they’ll be purged immediately and replaced with the contents of character #1.

Expect extreme reactions in forums after that :griefer:



When i saw the title, not gonna lie I had this “Oh boy, here we go again” in my head. But after seeing that it was made by you gave me an incentive to read, which I am thankful that I did.

The issue could be overtalked about, but I think that it wouldn’t cause much backlash if this suggestion were to be implemented. Having multiple characters only to have a character with set gun skins, and another character with another set of gun skins and cosmetics which is kinda like CSGO’s Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist skins on the shared weapons.
Let’s hope this issue doesn’t get talked about any further than this because Im pretty sure even you are tired of reading such posts.
Anywho, good post, got my vote, well done!




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but what if you let a friend play on your pc and he chooses an other character than yours and he plays a server you have been playing, then he has all your stuff.
so can you have an option which characters share the same inventory?

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You’re the one who let him play on your PC. That’s your conundrum to deal with, not the game’s.



Can the people who voted no please say why, I am ultra curious



NOTE: Please read everything and be considerate. I took time writing this because I believe that this function should not be removed, and put my heart and dedication into it.

I love Unturned, and it’s always one of my favorite games to play. I can never get bored. And the best thing to do? Start over. Now, when I start over, I use another character so I don’t lose everything on my old one. I keep doing this until I run out of characters, and I have NEVER used a character as a pack mule. I think it is a bad idea to do this, however I agree that inventory abuse is much of a cheat. I want to work on a compromise, so PLEASE, do not push out this as an update just yet. Thank you for your time. I dearly apologize if this is too long, it’s a habit of mine. :ouch:

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I take it that this wouldn’t apply to singleplayer?

How about this, when creating a server there should be a command or option to disable or enable multiple character inventories. The reason I suggest to make it an option is because if you’re playing on lan with a friend, you might want multiple inventories for whatever reason.
Come to think of it though, I don’t even see a reason to have multiple inventories, like there’s no practical use for it. (In singleplayer / creative servers that is)



Not this shit again…



I believe the sole reason for it is to allow multiple saves/playthroughs in a single world/server for personal taste. But this is easily exploited by said storage tactic.

Not against RP (If anyone brings it up) but I wouldn’t put it in consideration as it is a community-run server style and not officially designed in the game.



Okay hear me out, What if we just make it a server setting?

Alternate characters use separate inventory: [true/false]



Why not make this an option instead of making it forced? So server owners could toggle weather or not users can use gold alt accounts? That would be a pretty decent compromise and everyone would be happy.



Gold is P2W. Unturned advertises itself as a completely free non-P2W game. It is false advertising and I do not appreciate it, nor do I appreciate P2W.

inb4 someone claims “but nobodies winning”. P2W doesn’t exactly have to mean you win, it simply means you pay for an advantage. Gold characters let you nest tons of pre-made characters ready for combat if your main dies, or of course can be used to permanently store unraidable materials.

With that being said, assuming this is to rile up some statistics or thoughts about what the community thinks (for feedback and for 4.0 development) whatever 4.0’s gold equivalent is, should not have RGB slider character coloring (if it even allows that kind of stuff in the first place. Hopefully not, to keep the game realistic and survival-like) but if it were to, the 4.0 gold-upgrade should offer pre-set RGB values to prevent people blending in with grass, such as the few notorious tryhards in the community do.

And yes, I know people can simply make another steam account as a makeshift way for alt characters. Except that takes an incredibly long time and would take away the possibility of using characters for the aforementioned idea above (on-ready combat alts to avenge your main after death)

Speaking of that kind of alt, I see it all the time. Tryhards camp mili, and as soon as they die they log onto one of their four remaining alts, which are logged off in a blocked off tower or slightly distant cliff. Its annoying, its unfair, its not realistic, and its not fun.



The game has never meant to be realistic. And the argument you have mostly seems to be applied only for PvP. That’s not the core of the game.



PvP is what 3.0 is. Without PvP the game is would be dead. I’d take a screenshot of how massively popular PvE servers are, but I think you get it. So long as theres PvP, theres a winner. And so long as theres a winner, theres competition. And so long as theres competition, people will use advantages, even if they need to be paid for.

There are thousands of examples of unfair P2W servers that serve as evidence to this, and simply denying that the Gold Upgrade isn’t P2W on the simple basis that “PvP isnt the core of the game” sounds downright silly.

Had 3.0 been a PURELY PvE game then I’d say theres nothing wrong with multiple characters. Theres no raiding supplies, no killing eachother, and so on.

also @Kukoy get in here



Literally nobody uses the account exploit lol. Also don’t forget that the character job can also easily be exploited by switching jobs whenever you max out skills discounted by that job to max skills 10x faster. But, does anybody use any one these exploits? I’ve barely even come across them and nobody is going to bother taking 5 minutes to switch characters and rejoin when they can tpa or run back. Plus, people can easily just use alt accounts, Unturned is F2P after all.