Tactical Spotting Scope / BORS

Hello guys! I have a new idea! heh, I have so much imaginations…

Let’s get into it!

The Tactical Spotting Scope (TSS for short)

It comes with adjustable magnifications, such as a rifle telescopes(Sniping scopes), The TSS gives you a observation ability to help your teammate to snipe!

And well, the problem is, the TSS have a high power of magnifications. So it could be hard to use at close range.

It can attach its dedicated TRIPOD to use it on the ground.

BORS, Barrett Optical Ranging System.

It’s an attachment for a scope.
Just simply: Mount on the sniping scope. Then the BORS will calculate the range between the target and you and display the range on a screen.

  • This is a great idea! I like it!
  • Not perfect but good job!
  • I only like the TSS idea.
  • I only like the BORS idea.
  • (Not bad,) Need to fix something(Comment pls)
  • (Isn’t that too tacticool?) Hate it! :confused:

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Awbee is adding a poll.

So a rangefinder… 2.0?

Or 1.0???

Don’t we Basicly have this? Just not the attachment upon attachment function?

Also a observation ability?

So they glow or something?

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Observation, such as a reconnaissance ability as a sniper.

Sniper doesn’t move or attack alone. When one of guys have a sniper rifle, the others will have the TSS.

But its incredibly easy to snipe by yourself due to secondaries…Its a really cool idea but if the rangefinder is a attachment in 4.0 it would be pretty useless outside of rp. Also if players disappear from too far away with rendering it would be less useful as you wont be able to snipe people from very far away where this would be useful.

What are you talking about? A secondary?

but if the rangefinder is a attachment in 4.0 it would be pretty useless outside of rp.
Same. What the hell are you talking about?
Please clarify your answer. Otherwise, I cannot understand.

I believe the rangefinder will still have a use. It will let you find your range and from that you can calculate/guess how high you hate to aim.

That’s a matter of your PC SPECS and the Unturned’s mechanism.

TSS would probably be pretty similar to binoculars, but having multiple items with similar functions wouldn’t necessarily be bad.
It would be interesting if you could have a display built into the scope/scope mount which would be necessary to use the range finder, but there would also need to be alternative displays, like ones that could flip up and fold down behind a red dot sight, or ones that can be mounted to the sides of a weapon.

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EOTech Magnifier Combo / Canted Sights?

That’s not about his PC specs. Even with an integrated grapics card, the render distance in-game will stay the same, it’s up to the GPU to handle it, though. Most games with large maps and emphasis on long-range combat, such as PUBG, Arma and Squad ALWAYS render players on the map, no matter the distance, or they stop rendering them at really long distances, where engagements are unlikely/impossible to happen. If Unturned is gonna support sniping on longer, more reasonable ranges, unlike 3.0, it would most likely do the same.

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  1. Why do you need a friend to help you snipe when you can pull out a smg. In real life snipers dont go alone because you need someone with a automatic gun to help them. When you can carry one in your pocket like you can in unturned it doesnt matter.

  2. The rangefinder attachment and a scope does everything this does making it completley null outside of rp unless the range finder isnt in 4.0 whats the point of unfolding glorified binoculars when yoy can just ads and know how far away it is with a rangefinder.

  3. Its built in to 3.0, i assume it will be built into 4.0 whats the point of a long range scope when players disappear from longranges.

I laughed so hard and derisioned, seriously.

First of all: An SMG’s Average Effective Range is about 200 meters.
Assault Rifle’s Range is about 500 to 600 meters.
DMR is 800+ meters.
Machine Gun’s about 500 to point, 800 to area.

In real life snipers dont go alone because you need someone with a automatic gun to help them.

Then WHO NEEDS SNIPER? Do you know what is suppressing fire? Do you know why a sniper team is two-manned team(Sniper and Spotter)?

BS confirmed. If you want to bring your automatic guns, just Bring the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon with the M134 ELCAN Scope.

When you can carry one in your pocket like you can in unturned it doesnt matter.

Can you put a full-sized SMG in your pocket? Do you think 4.0 is a same game as 3.0? Did you know you are telling me a nonsensical phrases?

RP? A RolePlay? Unturned is not supposed to be a RP game.

I’M DONE. I won’t answer this kid’s answer.

Can you even read and write? Please check your grammar and fix your problems

Also, Don’t be:

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Holy shit buddy calm down

  1. You are bringing up ranges and saying that nom sniper guns would be useless, but it also seems like youre arguing against having someone watch your back and help you which would be the entire point of spotting??? Seems kind of contradictory but maybe i just cant understand you through your anger

  2. Im not sure what you are trying to argue here, before you were saying a sniper having a secondary is pointless because of range and now you bring up suppressing fire, which would be useless due to range according to you, unless you are admitting that it would be useful??? I do know that in real life its a two man team, im just saying in unturned because of player rendering you dont get lost in scopes so you don’t need a spotter.

  3. You can and you most definitley will be able to in unturned 4 unless he completley removes the secondary slot which i doubt because that would be extremely tedious when it comes to having melee weapons and guns

  4. Im saying your idea would only be used in roleplay. What the hell is the point to see something 1000m away when players despawn??? What is the point of a rangefinder when you can just guess the trajectory and hit it every time???

Your idea is cool and i would like to see something like it, but i just dont think it would be useful at all because the niche is already filled by, oh i dont know scopes

Also calm down buddy

We are all friends here guys, lets keep it cool :grin:


TSS: The work of a spotter can already be done with a pair of binoculars, or another scope even.

BORS: Literally everything the Rangefinder does at the moment.

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I think the TSS would basically be interchangeable with binoculars, but maybe with different magnifications or markings. I’m not sure it’s necessary (certainly not in the first build of 4.X) but some other types of scopes could be nice. I’m not sure how many types of handheld scopes should actually be added though. (Do we need pirate telescopes?) Maybe scopes could just be used free hand, and would need a scope mount to be attached to the rail system (that way each scope would be multifunctional)

I think the idea of the BORS is that the rangefinder wouldn’t have floating numbers, and the values would instead need to be displayed on a screen, with the BORS being a screen that’s built into the scope or scope mount.

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Keep it civil, Awbee. I will not ask this again.


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