The actual Molton Interview

Today I interviewed the Moderator MoltonMontro and asked him a couple of questions and this is what he had to say.

The video is black because I am awful at editing, and some background noise is prevalent in the interview; sorry about that, it’s just I have never done something like this before, so inevitably my audio will not be the best.

With all of that said, I hope you enjoy the interview and stay Unturned.


Molt’s voice is deeper than I have thought.
He also speaks…slowly…

MoltenNaruto. Imagine that.

I stutter and slur quite easily. Easier to just speak slowly sometimes.

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When was this?

About 1 hour ago

Ah. Apparently Molton is only about a year older than I am.

“Stone brik ‘fence.’”

I want an interview OwO

Both of your voices are almost as beautiful as nelsons…almost

Thanks, I think

I feel kind of weird because I already knew so much of what people were asking about from Discord, DIM’s streams, and the Unturned Wikia. I swear I’m not stalking Molt


Sometimes…sometimes you scare me with your addiction to “OwO.”


I see you are a man of culture and overwhelming pirate sieges

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what a beautiful and sexy voice

Who should @Pork interview next?

inb4 Nelson

Hah, maybe someday, but most likely not. Besides, he has been interviewed plenty of times, so it would be difficult to come up with more unique questions.

nothing personell kid

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all apocalypse rising fans are heretics