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Dogs of different breeds with different breed-based abilities trees, ordinary dogs could be based on some common breed in most homes as a labrador, could go to a certain level of 3 different skill trees, to exemplify a dog as a pit bull would go to level IV in melee combat while the Labrador would go to level 2, Now we go to the battle dogs, Based on pit bull and hotvaile (I’m not saying they are bloodthirsty demon dogs), come to level IV in melee 1 in stealth and I in speed, small dogs, melee level 1, stealth level IV speed III based and beaglles and in those long-bodied dogs, police dogs Level III in melee III speed III stealth, to upar the skills of the dog the players use their own experience points, dogs can be domesticated with food, put collars in the dogs making it possible to see the no the dogs that play as dogs on servers can choose to be domesticated by other players, dogs enter the group of the player who tamed it, it would be complicated the communication of the player who plays like dog with other players who they are not animals since dogs do not speak English or any other language but can read the chat normally since dogs can understand many words, it is possible to see next to the name of the dog in the group if it is a player or not, puppies with body level to (if the dog has been instructed in this previously), can kill zombies, are cured with bandages and veterinary remedies, eat automatically if they are outside or if they have ration or other food in one can indoors, dogs players can mark the spaw in a home that the human player did for him.
Your dog and an opponent’s dog fight in case of confrontation if your dog. Be a player twist so he will not be a coward.

Reminds me of this for some reason

Memes aside, I don’t think dogs should be this complex; there should most likely be just one basic dog that is just scaled up and down depending on size; and also has different colors and schemes.

I don’t want to practice breeding dogs to get “the best skill tree” for a certain dog. I do however believe dogs should do several simple things:

  1. Attack players and the Turned when the player starts an engagement or is attacked

Simple enough to understand, if the player decides to sneak around a certain area, the dog will not give away their position by loudly barking and engaging an enemy; but if a player is attacked, the dog will begin to attack and possibly halt the Turned for a few seconds. (Grabbing a leg/arm and holding on)

  1. Dog carry weight

Also simple to understand, dogs could have a small inventory space where smaller items could be attached, ie, small handguns and materials

  1. Dogs could also identify the Turned much better

For instance, if a Dog smells or hears the Turned nearby, they could point in the direction of the Turned for a few seconds.

They could also bark if the Turned begin to shamble towards the player, as to alert him/her to the enemy.

All of the dogs skill will depend on how long you have had the dog so as to not make getting a dog early on completely broken.

I did however like the idea of taming them with food and putting collars on them so as to name them, that will add of lot of nice aesthetics.

Just my 2 cents




Having this ridiculously vast a variety of dogs with their own mix of stats and abilities is out of the question. The only way this would remotely come close to being functional is if it were significantly simplified.

Another thing to add to my already sky-high to-do list of somewhat detailed posts, I suppose.


I’d say dogs inventory should be limited to what’s currently in their mouth (basically equivalent to what’s in a player’s hands) unless it’s wearing something that has pockets, pouches, or a keg.


Ah, yes, that makes a lot more sense, for some reason I was thinking they came with pockets by default. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it would be possible for police dogs since they have a dress.


Maybe you could stick something in their…



This is a dress

This is a harness


Maybe a rifle sling could be strapped to them? :man_shrugging:


You just reminded me of the Soviet mine dogs that had explosives strapped to their backs and were trained to run under tanks.


Also, could dogs even attack Turned? It would certainly have to be limited to some of the basic variants, as dogs themselves could easily become infected.


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Ok I yeah dogs are good but why would you add those small dogs like yorkshires and stuff like that. Realistically they couldnt do anything except be a walking disctraction. I dont see how a small dog like that could kill a zombie. Big dogs I could understand but small dogs would not add much to the game.


A small dog could easily launch itself into the zombie’s legs and knees, knocking them down or something.


All dogs are capable of barking, and virtually all dogs have far superior sense of smell to that of humans.

Dogs are a perfect warning system to nearby threats, as I’ve said before. Even small dogs.


I would think only a quite small variety of dog would be needed .
there could be like 3-5 dogs models with differents textures per species, like 1 model for both german shepherd and siberian husky per example, or 1 model for both labrador and golden retriever .
now, about my opinion :
Dogs should have several uses :

  • Bark to prevent the player if there is a problem ( like zombies approaching or if base attacked )

  • smell the zombies from a far distance, it would smell them way before they can smell you

  • fight against turned, players or hunt animals

  • play with the player, it would work like an imprint system which would make the dog stronger with better skills

  • bark at predators and make them flee

  • using harness, we could put stuff in there inventory , some harness ( such as rescues ones ) could even allow them to wear additional medical slots

  • they could even dig in dirt to hide your objects, an perfect way for beginners that can’t afford a locker

  • they should also be able to find players and help them, imagine that you are walking, and xX_Thunder6Fortnite_Xx , a random KOS guy shot you, then, you see THEMAX’s german shepherd with its rescue harness walking toward you and then barking, and you then see THEMAX with a medikit saving your life

  • Finally, they should find berries, so we can make drug dog RP and arrest roze and rozzy for possessing blue berries .

now we only need ability to tame a bear and tigers and ride them with a zubeknakov and we can reclaim all territories lost to the turneds .


I didn’t read the post I just wanted to say nice penguin.


edited my suggestion .