The Blue Moon, an idea for Unturned II

I have already sent this idea to Nelson via email, but he told me to post it on the forum.

“The Blue Moon”

I’ve read that Nelson wants to make the zombies free roam and I couldn’t agree more! But I think it would be interesting to have a rare event called the “Blue Moon” or something; during this event (most) zombies are unable to move unless provoked (like the current game). I think this would allow players to have a break against the zombies and would allow them to collect some basic loot (nothing rare since that completely nullifies the difficulty of the game). I also think it would be a neat throwback to the original game. (There could even be an easter egg where some zombies make the original moaning sounds)

(This is just an edited excerpt from the email I sent, I have more ideas concerning Unturned II, but this is the idea Nelson said he liked)


If there was a blue moon event it would make sense if they turned docile, but I don’t see a point in making them unable to move.


Think of the current Unturned zombie mechanics, that’s pretty much what it would be re-creating. Kinda like a homage to the old game.

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Actually, zombies sometimes move on there own but it’s not common, or maybe the mechanic doesn’t exist and I get in real close proximity with other players without knowing it

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Roaming zombies existed in 1.0 (and maybe 2.0 but I don’t remember), however they do not roam at all in 3.0.

What you’re most likely seeing are zombies recovering from aggro of a player to a navmesh border and walking back to their location.




Both 1.0 and 2.0 had map-wide zombie navigation, but only 1.0 had roaming zombies.

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When we think we have seen everything, a simple and good idea appears.


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