The current state of Kuwait in multiplayer

Maybe it’s just me or other aspects involved here, but I see that Kuwait servers are losing players. Is the map itself dead or is it just temporary?

It’s Monday and it’s not peak hours, I wouldn’t worry.


No evidence need, just look at amount of players playing servers with Kuwait map, and you’ll see the decline. In better times - that week that was passing since it got released, there were 10+ full servers with this map. But now in peak hours only 2-3-4 of them are full (btw usually there are just a few servers with online of just 10 to 16 players).

Which is normal, you’d obviously expect the servers to be more populated during the release of the map.

Take in consideration that not everyone is on school break yet, and as Pork pointed out you didn’t pick the best time to make an objective analysis about it.


It’s not as active after it’s initial release? Who could’ve seen this coming :o

This is only natural, people will step away on their own and others are busy, and like mentioned twice already, not the best time to grab a screenshot :grimacing:


So I have to wait until Saturday noon or Saturday evening?

Ok then, let’s just make a comparasion. When Elver came out, every popular server like SOD, Pandahut, Kodak, Roez was full and all others were staying with 10+ players playing. And Elver was active map until the last update was released. But Kuwait “died” yet after second update.

Here is online now. I’ll make screenshots all over this day and post here. Then I’ll wait until Saturday.

Animatic c’mon just admit that your map is boring (the concept is good but the realisation is… meh), has just a little of a content and doesn’t fit the standards of map curation after the release of Elver, Easter Island and California. It’s 2021 and time of gamez2much team’s maps has pass.

Here is Elver servers lol

You either think about what you’re going to write before or you stop writing several low-effort posts like that.

Not to mention that once again you’ve chosen times of the day where most people aren’t playing yet, middle of the day in Europe, most of America in the middle of the night.

You seem to be using very personal requirements to tell that the map is dead, when it’s actually not.


Have you played some servers with Kuwait map?

I’m not sure I understand the correlation between that question and the rest of your posts. I have played on the map and on servers running that map, what does that have to do with you thinking the map is dead ?


cause nobody playing Kuwait now. By this I mean the map is dead.

There aren’t as many players playing the map like when it was released, therefore it’s dead and a bad map ?

No, there were like 5 full servers with this map. And yes, if curated map lost all of gained popularity on 2 weeks, it’s a bad sign.




A few more examples of Kuwait being abandoned by Unturned players.
zman’s SMP has gone, manoman’s SMP has gone. Both SMPs were closed just because of loosing online (ppl left, that’s it). Manoman’s SMP was not completely gone because mano decided to turn the server into a 100% vanilla public one. Yes, there was some online after it happened, but then even though it was gradually but everyone left and server was shutted down later on.
2 other servers where my friends were playing now empty too (in the first-second week when Kuwait was released they were full). The EU vanilla one (yes, the server was called just as ‘EU vanilla’) and Astis vanilla one.

Idk, those numbers look the same to me.

yes, but look: Elver was released a ~year ago and the newest Kuwait map was released only one month ago.