The hytale community is dying

Slowly, the Hytale community has been dying. However, some of us have returned to Minecraft because of the improvements it has and will have, and it makes us happy that Minecraft is improving so much and so on. But Hytale, our biggest hype is practically abandoned.
There are new news for months, and from the twitter of the minecraft account, it seems as if the things we expected from Hytale, now will be in Minecraft.
So, is it possible that it will end up being cancelled and Minecraft will get everything?

One possible solution, I think, would be to move forward one by one, one week MC and the other HYT, but I bet it’s not that simple. So nothing, I leave this post here to see what others think.


There’s barely a community, it’s just fanart right now, I suspect they’re in crunch mode because there hasn’t been a new devlog in almost half a year now.

I realized I’m fucking stupid.


It deddy @_@ minecraft’s team probably hired on 50 contractors and declared war and began pushing all of hytale’s gud features into minecraft with their own happi spins! X3

shame cause i was hyped for the project, looked very promising.


can you talk like a normal fucking human being?
Jesus christ it hurts my eyes reading this


he’s like the epitome of subversion

I think Hytale will be better than Minecraft when it is released because the best support for content creation and also the game code itself is in C#, so making mods and the like is easier than Java Minecraft

I’d say Java is much easier than C# (for beginners) but yes the content creation is going to be cool because i saw some INGAME cameras and rails and ect they have big things planned for that game

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