The most epic thing ever

Really, you should watch this. Its really fun to watch.


Wow, that looks like so much fun. All of us Unturned players should gang up and do this at like PEI irl or something, lol.


I live to far away for that T-T

Imagine the distance from Pei, to Utah in the US

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So I’ve heard that some Airsoft events allow vehicles.

This is for sale for 25K



Yeah they do.

Yeah that’s epic but have you ever seen Club Penguin’s Vietnam event??

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Greece .___.

That would be awsome,but alot of us live far away from there and don’t have airsoft guns,soooo…

considering i live in new jersey, it ain’t far in my opinion, but definitely a journey to get there.


I live a little more north than you. Wanna carpool to pei?

A cartoon for the family

no i’m good. thx for offer.

I kinda meant it as a joke but ok.

I was adding to the joke :confused:

Was replying to the people talking about how far away they are.

Hard to tell when it puts your comment under the other one, I wish it always showed who you were replying to.

Sometimes it does, and it showed me replying to you for a second but then it went away.

idk why but i feel like an idiot