The Problems with Unturned RESPONSE

I don’t really agree with video, and I think claiming hundreds of hours of research is good when it’s more like seeking confirmation bias from friends.

some people will have a more constructive feedback, but I just want to point a few things out


Zman got mad at people for playing rusturned or unturnov or playing PVP, but I think it’s unjustified to be angry that people are finding renewing ways to play the game after their interest in regular Survival has run dry


I could say a lot of things about just anticheat, but I’d like to defend yarrrr.
Zman boasts his arduous research but publicly, he is not an employee of SDG, nor battleye support, nor is he being paid. These are bad faith assumptions that are slanderous, and should’ve been cut from the video.

I do think yarrr’s job as a moderator is to be more supportive and less hostile, but assuming that he is being payed without fact checking and publicly saying this is irresponsible.

The whole video felt really one-sided without presenting good solutions, and instead taking out anger on the community, and how they’ve been shaping the game.


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pvp bad pvp bad pvp bad pvp bad pvp bad pvp bad pvp bad pvp bad

if people want to play a game the way they want then they can. hearing people talking about “unturned used to be survival game but now its not” all the time is fucking stupid. everyone has heard the same thing at least 50 times before. literally nobody cares. the playerbase shapes the game, just because you don’t like how the majority of the playerbase plays the game doesn’t mean anything.

“weeeh unturned not ackchual survival game weeehhh pvp bad weeehh where is hardcoar survival gaem??!!??!”

People can play a game how they like. They’re having fun, they’re doing what they want to. Shaming people for simply playing a game how they want to is fucking stupid.

If you don’t want rocketmod, play a server without rocketmod. They exist. They’re common.

also this guy sounds 9


Hello Video creator here.

  1. No I’m not mad that people are modding Unturned and customizing the game. I think its sick. My point is that the Vanilla survival aspect get stale very easily. (I interviewed a few people including Robokast about it and they had the same opinion.) And there were suggestions on how to fix these things in 4.0

  2. The 100 hours text is a reference to a YouTuber called “gokunaru”

  3. I spoke with yarr myself and we had a respectful conversation about his part and he took responsibility for some of the errors on his part. I also had errors. He’s not “a payed employee” and there was a misinterpretation about a specific message (that 5 separate people saw and all had the same misinterpretation) we thought he had access to why the player “Sir Sniper” was banned, he didn’t. That was the misinterpretation. Yarr also isn’t an “Employee” Sir Sniper thought he was. He isn’t I know that however I couldn’t find any proof that he wasn’t so I left that in.

In summary: I did give suggestions about solutions. Free roaming zombies (that’s happening yay!) And Nelson making or hiring someone to make an anti-cheat, also there being no rocket mod in 4.0 (that wasn’t obvious)

It’s okay if you disagree with me. I admit that there are some errors in my video and I take responsibility for it but for those who don’t know this is my last Unturned video and I wanted it to be somewhat memorable and its looking like it probably will be.

(Sorry if there’s any typos its 1am and I’m on my Phone rn)

Edit: also the intro text “life is but a walking shadow” is a Shakespearean quote that means; “life is nothing other than a walking shadow. The walking shadow, It means that there is no originality left in life. So many have lived before us that we are simply walking in their shadow, with the same habits, mistakes, fears, emotions, and so on, as our ancestors had.” Yes I know I say the same thing 4 other people have said but this was my own take on the topic.


reference or not, putting a disclaimer for the hundreds of hours you’ve spent working on the video at the beginning implies that the rest will be well thought-out opinions presented with facts.

Coding an anticheat is also extremely difficult to maintain, and would cost way too much to keep up for a solo indie-developer.


Yes I got a comment from Spebby about how making a anti-cheat is difficult. However that’s really up to Nelson and from the people I talked with they agreed that it would be a great idea.

In response to the gokunaru thing. Yes it probably wasn’t a good idea I spent only 99 hours on the video. But I thought the reference was funny and so did my friends so I don’t regret it.


The people you talked with didn’t seem to have a good understanding on developing a game and developing an anticheat for that game.

If you spent 99 hours on the video then there wouldn’t be so many weakpoints in any of your suggestions.


Great video so far (8 minutes in as of this post). Which is why in Unturned II (or 4.0) I plan on having a server dedicated to the survival experience, with some vanilla enhancing mods (like more farming) and a modded map (based on foxhole’s Farranac Coast a 20x20km map) dedicated to survival. It will be set on either normal or hard mode Survival semi-RP. Should I drop the semi-RP part or should I keep it?

Also, a lot of the vehicles mentioned like tanks and helicopters would be super rare in the server.


Yes I acknowledge that we don’t know how developing and coding a game or anti-cheat works but even we understand that batteye is garbage and if Nelson wants to make a spectacular game a costume anti-cheat would probably help with that.

do you understand how battleye works?

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My basic understanding:

Battleye is bad because it only scans when the game has started so by using injectors and either injecting after they scan or using ones that are hidden in areas (such as windows dirrectory’s) that cant be scanned due to legal reasons another method they use is that people can use malicious software to interupt the scanning of the files to bypass the AC entirely

but sometimes this isnt the issue like FACEIT the AC for that can be ran at any time as long as you havent launched CS or the FACEIT client but since its a 3rd party addon that you have to agree to scan your entire pc tho i do believe that it does start at windows launch because you do need to restart when you install it

This video explains how people bypass batteye:

seems like I can’t access youtube.cvom

That’s unfortunate


(From ZOOM B’S video “The Unturned Youtuber Experience”)



what’s your point?

My point is that Nelson said himself that constructive criticism is useful. I don’t think showing the Robo or Manoman videos is appropriate.

I do see what you mean though, alot of people saying the same thing.


What really gets me in the video are the hours of research allegedly spent on making the video but passes off an independent anti-cheat as the end all be all because BattlEye isn’t performing smoothly.

Thing is, anti-cheats are indeed difficult and expensive. It isn’t a one-time program but there would need to be a dedicated team to updating the anti-cheat. I doubt Nelson has the assets nor the time Riot Games, ESEA, or FaceIt has where they have their own anti-cheat team.

One anti-cheat that stands out is VAC, despite having a powerhouse of a company behind it, it performs terribly but simply because it detects only while the game is running and any cheat program it knows. Which lead Valve to implement a very flawed system of CSGO Overwatch that requires voluntary labor from CSGO players.

Sorry but I have to say this - I find it absurd and annoying how people would simply say making their own anti-cheat would fix the hacker issue despite not looking into how expensive it would be to make and update one.
Basically, UII with a proprietary anti-cheat would be expensive and labor-intensive, as would all anti-cheat would be. Whoever the people you talked with is ignorant to this reality, and I doubt you did the research in anti-cheat.

Asking people for their ignorant opinions on a UII proprietary anti-cheat is not research.

I lost the article wherein an interview with a game developer said that having their own anti-cheat made them have to buy cheats just so they can program to detect, only to have a new version of the cheat updated to bypass literally a day later.

They’re literally buying the program they’re trying to stop.

But I only found this instead ;

Yarrrr as a SDG employee is just the icing on the cake btw.


well yeah, literally all the things you said in the video have been said in other videos that were popular when they came out, like you’re saying some kind of profound nuanced thing. Everyone in the community has heard things like that at least once. I don’t know what the purpose is of making a video that’s pretty much identical to many others. Sure it’s “criticism” but is it really “constructive” if the exact same thing has been said by countless others? As you say, this is on ZOOM B’s video. Not yours.

countless reddit threads, forum threads, youtube videos, steam discussion threads have talked about all of these things. It’s not as if any of the things mentioned in this video are news to anyone. Many (if not most) people in the community actually share these opinions. It’s not really very thought-provoking material. We’ve all heard things like this many times.

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I’m gonna disregard the rest of this thread and say something even if it was already covered. A full-on anti-cheat would likely be difficult to make and maintain but Nelson could also bump up his efforts to nullify certain functions of anti-cheats on the server side of things. I’m not sure of his current approach with handling playing online but if as much stuff is handled and verified by the server as possible then in theory you wouldn’t be able to exploit it so easily. These cheats and hacks that have targeted Unturned in the past exploited known vulnerabilities so what happens if we plug all the holes?

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