The Server Rush! (Blog)

Here- I will attempt to blog and discover small or large Unturned 3.0 Servers and review them!
Reviews will be posted via replies



I generally have a good experience with 5lol, the Crysis of Clans owner. Cool guy, honestly.

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hey guys i heard ACK creative rp is a good server


This belongs more to #community-lounge rather than #unturned:u3-discussion if I’m honest.


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Reviews for UNTURNED 3.0 Servers will be happening around once every 2 weeks, or at least before a month.

You can’t really make a poll out of this though? It’s reviewing servers, so it’s community based blogs. Not discussing something from the game itself.

It is relating to the game- the game’s SERVERS. A direct aspect of the game itself.

Community servers*

Still- one of the main aspects of the game itself.

The Server Rush: Edition 1
I am glad to make this little blog for Unturned servers- Enjoy! :blush:

First Review: Crysis of Clans

Crysis of Clans is a Semi-RP server that relies on a safezone lead by a pseudo-government called COC2 PD, a group that acts as a roleplayed paramilitary organization on the server and is commonly referred to as the COA (which we’ll call it). The COA is a faction that takes the spotlight of Crysis of Clans- with it’s own mod used for it’s uniforms and with the officers of it having people make digital portraits and statuettes. Though the COA claims it’s not a “wannabe military”, many of the administrators and some of the owners of it themselves, claim, as their first comparison, that it’s “Better than some real life armies.” (Note: It’s an Unturned Group faction with strongly conservative political views and 729 members)

The COA own the safezone, they do parade formations, paramilitary-esque training sessions, recruitment sessions and more. But asides from that- it is your standard Semi RP affair. You get loot, you build a shack, aim to get the expensive and limited land in the safezone (which is only really viable if you are in the COA, due to how they’re prone to killing people in the safezone and removing houses for “disloyalty”, in which I encountered 7 players having this happen to them within around 4 days) AND GET- FAT- STACKS OF CASH!

However, this server comes off as much more flawed, downright broken. In my journey, I followed a group called the Brotherhood of Spades. In my time in the group, I learnt through conversations that EVERY. SINGLE. ADMIN. IS IN THE COA, with being a admin relying on not applications, but if you are in a good rank with the COA. The COA safezone is indestructible, with sentry’s rather than a pure safezone, allowing COA to frequently host “massacare lines”, lines of civilians in the safezone would be rounded up in a line or killed, and then just get shot.

I also seemed to find out that there were a total of ZERO pieces of property that were not unowned or owned by COA members, many players seeming to have a rampant paranoia of the COA, forming bases outside.

It also seemed that Administrators were. Quite abusive. To say the least…

Let’s dive into it:

5Lol is the owner of the server and the COA. During talks with him and players, I’ve seen players tell me that you should “completely avoid verbal interaction with 5Lol if you’re against the COA” when I joined and saw him. He would frequently join the server daily- but would always be seemingly AFK. After further research, I found out that he seems to be paranoid of other players seemingly backtalking his faction, with 1 player (Who I will keep anonymous for now) with -6954 Rep and a claimed 4 years on the server, leading one of the few factions against the COA (which was apparently dead), saying that he “likes to use spy on players a lot. Often bans those who are frequently caught killing COA members.” He also claimed that his entire faction was banned besides him when his soldiers stole a Coalition helicopter from the Coalition (no rules are against it).

The COA, which are the main focus of Crysis of Clans, seem to have a near cult-like outlook on 5Lol. With 5Lol telling us that “he has made the largest, motest cultured, mos respected, mose disciplined group in Unturned.” At one point claiming that it was “Better than the US Army.” Coalition members- as previously mentioned, have said things like “Respecting 5Lol is the Golden Rule” and have made things such as the aformentioned Digital artworks of COA Leadership, with 5Lol openly bragging about it.

So I decided to test things out.
I got our faction loot, our base was raided 3 times by COA forces and then I egged on the leader to declare a war on the COA. The results were… Interesting.
Our base was a glitch base, which admins TP’ed to us quickly to. We were mostly tight lipped about it- as well, meaning that it was likely due to using commands like /spy.
We fought 1 skirmish in which we died 4 times and killed about 7 COA by getting the jump on them.
We all got banned for using a glitch base and killing them, with them telling us that they “wouldn’t have banned us if we weren’t assholes”. When pressed for an example, they mentioned us killing COA soldiers.

In conclusion, I believe the server has a decent formula, but ultimately stumbles with faction alignment and staff issues. With Officers openly using COA to preach political views such as MAGA and anti-BLM, etc etc… The server exists mostly as a proxy server for the faction to operate on, relying on practices that are unsavory at best and cultish at worst. Though it was able to bring a fun gameplay loop, the loop was inevitably one achievable by many other Semi-RP servers. Server’s with far better owners.




Bedgang Faction?

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uwu- indeed my charlestin!

The Server Rush: Edition 2

Looking back, I like how Edition 1 turned out, so here’s more!

Second Review: Bacon RP

Bacon RP is a small-sized City/Life-RP server (1-8 players average), with 2 main types of faction. The Gangs (not factions), which are small collectives of criminals, and the Police. They both function in a generic method- with the server relying on things such as guns and property to be purchased by Administrators, this presents a balancing error that is never really rectified. All money comes into a physical currency, which ends up being quite decent, something that I DO appreciate, as it builds tension and requires the player to be careful with things like his money.

The gameplay is decent but many things are overpriced and suffer from being only buyable by staff- basically purging any chances of having players in multiple timezones and opening the server up to an insanely rich incentive to join the staff team- as you get funds from basically every other player that wants a new gun or a backpack or a t-shirt, or a vest.

Yeah… Bummer time-
This server has no spawns for items, which leave you mostly reliant on your 30 minute starter kit, WW1 Russian-style rationing and paying admins. This leads to an insanely bias system- with many groups having every member rush to get staff so they can desperately get the only strong opportunity to get cash- and that RUINS a large portion of the server.

Do you remember Gangs? Well- they can participate in Gang Wars between each other. Often times- the owner will get involved. The owner is extremely immature at times. This often leads to frustrating scenarios where the owner will side for a side (such as when I lead a gang and he joined another gang) for “fun”. If you’re wondering what he means by that- he means offline raiding the entire gang- killing us, taking our guns THEN ANNOUNCING THAT HE STARTED A WAR THAT’S NOT DEFINED IN ANY RULES, with the few rules existing often being made up and removed on the spot and then continuing till the faction/gang “surrenders”, doing this basically mean they permanently remove your faction/gang EVEN IF YOU PAID FOR IT. He also shows sides of favoritism, only granting kits and such to factions that he likes or is in, same for tags and such. This happens even if you pay for the faction, as in real life money

While his server is NOT P2W YET, multiple bonuses and features have been locked behind the ever-mighty paywall, bonuses that have not been utilized, but if utilized by any player who does end up donating (only 1), it has the potential to become extremely unbalanced, yet is the only way to match the in-game money Administrators make.

All in all- it is sadly yet another example of an RP server with decent potential, crushed by an easily abused and at times self-destructive economy with an even worse owner.


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Bruh I love lawless servers with wackass admins and economy


Semi-RP should be a quite active genre for that, then.

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