The Turned general ideas (Rough draft)

I mean, I can understand why people don’t want them though, it’d be pretty awkward hearing gunshots all over the map just for it to be a bunch of zombies with guns.


Easiest solution is to just have ranged zombies Turned that are better at doing their job without being hitscan lightning bolts, tbh.


What @Fallout_48 and @MoltonMontro said.

Zombies with guns is a trope you rarely see, and for good reason.

It’s just downright weird, and it’d really throw players off in-game.

I’m not against armed npcs with firearms, nor Turned that have ranged abilities.

That’s why I didn’t include a variation that uses guns (Except the Turned player, maybe they only use the gun as a form of blunt weapon?)

Maybe stick to organic/chemical projectiles for these enemies.


I think I can finish the whole thing soon. These days weren’t as busy as I thought it would be.

not if I finish my own first >:V

joining forces is for mortals!

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The Turned goes skrrrra

Puns aside, I appreciate the effort and do agree PvE threats need a huge rework, but am I the only one who likes the looks of the adorable zombies in 3.0? I’ve never been one for dark, mutated/paranormal stuff, but I am a huge advocate of realism.

RIP undead friendo Dave, 2014-2018


Keep the most basic form of Turned similar to Dave. Beginning stages of the Turned-ing process. :slight_smile:

Except throw organic cyst-like growths all over it!



Ha, no!


Ok kill it with fire

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I dont want to see zombies shooting, say you are at a military base or something similar and are killing zombies as one does and then you hear shots. Normally you would shit yourself and run to cover, but with zombies that shoot you wouldnt be as scared as you would think, oh its just another zombie missing shots wildly in my direction. Sure you would the first dozen times out of instinct, but like it or not you would eventually grow accustomed to non threatening bullets, because (hopefully) there are far more zombies than actual players. You could say “oh just stay on your toes the entire time” but eventually you would start getting used to it.
This would also take the risk out of shooting unsuppressed guns, because say you are hiding in a tower and see someone killing zombies, you can shoot at them and it doesnt matter for 5 or so seconds if you missed because the person would assume that its just a zombie shooting instead of you, although of course they would realize that there arent any near after a while but it would still ease the punishment that SHOULD be there for messing up a ambush.

This exactly!

If zombies started shooting guns, I’d imagine it being very inevitable (albeit just plain weird) that people would get used to hearing several gunshots ring out at night near a city, and be like “oh, well that’s probably just a zombie wielding a gun.”

When’s the last time you saw any game, movie, or other thing of pop culture where a zombie was able to use a gun? It just hilariously badly trivializes something like gunshots to the point of a player not worrying about significant danger.


There are zombies with guns in guns gore and canoli

Okay well, my point still stands that in every well known example of zombies in games and movies, they never wield firearms. Even holding melee weapons is rare, though I definitely know a few good examples (e.g. Dying Light).

Not sure why y’all are using generic zombies as a baseline for this discussion, when the topic is directed to mutants. Think outside the box

I think the Flood from Halo is a good example. Those things are capable of using weaponry

True. The Flood is an excellent example of an inhuman enemy, and really adds that level of fear while keeping you immersed fully as well.

mutants don’t know how to open boxes

Doesnt matter what kind of zombies the zombies are all the gameplay arguments are still valid.

Smoothskin, there’s a big difference between zombies and mutants.

You don’t see zombies being created from mutated flesh spawners, yes?