The Turned?

Wtf are those things? Plant zombies? i fucking confused after reading the road map O_o

Same here.
I think they are some sort of infection attached to objects,something like the “Flood” from Halo.

Fucking cool, i already love Unturned II

They seem like the flood from Halo or necromorphs from Dead Space.

Personally, I imagine them as horribly mutated people, in a very dark and freaky looking place. My description of what popped into my head when I read Turned?
Gore… Bloody appendages and horrible mutations. I doubt the turned are going to be kid friendly :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, if their the turned… Why are you unturned when there’s normal zombies? Does that mean your character might have been a survivor from that dimension when it was opened up? Does it mean that the normal Imbues are actually turned? We need some amazing theorists here to work this out.

I stayed away from things that could kill me. It’s kinda like in Deathrun where sometimes there’s just a killgate and someone has to sacrifice themselves to find out what really sucks?

We’re the people who just sat back and relaxed for the first couple of weeks while everyone else learned the hard way that interacting with scary things kinda sucks.


I feel like this is important. But I don’t know why.
Edit. Here’s a theory for ya, molt might know something more than we do…?

When I was Reading all that stuff I understood, that Nelson turning unturned in horror game in some aspects…

Oh boi that’s gonna be great! I’m excited as much as I have never been!!!

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What if the Turned are taller slim zombies who bite you and turn you into a zombie BUT they don’t kill you and they wonder at night and scared of campfires.

Just realized the Turned are zombies from an alternate reality 0_o Nelson is keeping this interesting

I think I’ll have to remake my large zombie ideas text file to match that lil’ description

We are at a historic moment, we are at ground zero of the theory apocalypse that’s about to unravel.

Think about that, from respected vets like yarr to the annoying beyond out time pipsqeak called me, we are the OG generation.

Today we make history.

Today, is when we finally begin to put the whole story together.

It’s Unturned ll fellas, it’s a whole new reality out there.

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The turned as in players who become zombies in the after life.

Pretty sure Nelson means that dead players are reincarnated as zombies, as Turned that have the former player’s gear on them

Naw the turned are zombies in an alternate dimension.

The turned are the zombies in 4.X. They come from an alternate dimension, which you may be able to visit in game. When players die their corpse can/will become one of the turned. It’s all in the turned and excursions Trello cards.

the turned is the zombie, get logic bombed

Just a reminder that much of this is still conceptual in its entirety and up for change.

I think the Turned are organically mutated zombies and this can happen to a player zombie. I don’t know how such a thing could occur in an actual situation but I would personally piss off. THEY CAN GRAPPLE ON TO THE CEILING!

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