The Unturned Community has a Bigotry problem

The Unturned community, for many years, has had an intense issue with bigotry flooding community spaces and very very little has been done to address or handle the situation at all. This speaks to a clear lack of understanding amongst the community on how this issues propagate. I am going to speak very plainly and say: Taking a neutral stance against this issue (IE: Not addressing it, Ignoring it, Leaving it to the community to self regulate) is siding with the bigots. There is no way to have a community safe for minority groups, ESP on the queer side of things, if Nazis and Bigots also feel comfortable. These groups can not coexist and attempting to make a community where everyone (including these Bigots) are ““welcome”” is creating a space for the bigots and literally no one else. Ally groups don’t wanna brush shoulders with bigots, and minority certainly don’t either.

This problem has existed in the unturned space for so long that its a damn miracle I’m even here to type this post right now due to the sheer level of harassment and hatred I have faced in my many years in this community. The people who act out and further push such hateful ideology (knowingly and unknowingly) are still here today popping up whenever I dare show my face. Take a look at my previous posts for example, every single time people crop up or even make new accounts just to try to shut me down. I am making this post now to not only bring light to this problem, but offer the one of the only true solutions to this and the reasoning for why.

So let’s start with something that is extremely important to this subject matter:
Neutrality does not work when handling modern day bigotry due to its discreet nature.

The Advent of the internet changed how nazi-ism spreads and how hatred blooms in group spaces. The average person isn’t a bigot and will see obvious examples of hatred, thats why in the modern day hatred has to spread through a more Subtextal nature. You can’t really say “I hate Trans people” because its obvious hatred, so bigots take a different route; a route that will be obvious to any queer people reading this since, if you’re anything like me, you hear it daily.

“”“Resonable Concern”“” such as “I don’t think it should be allowed in front of children” “this conversation is irrelevant” etc

You can’t just be a bigot outright anymore, people got smart and crack down on it, it all spreads through subtext and implication. “I’m not transphobic but I don’t think kids should transition” is literally an example of someone saying something transphobic, but they beat around the bush to avoid being silenced. Bigots have to make up shit about the groups they hate and convince us its all true for their ideals to spread. For example: How many of you knew that Trans Women get period cramps? or that the idea of their being more than 2 genders has existed for hundreds of years? How many of you knew that the Nazi Book burnings during the second world war erased a large section of queer history? These ideals spread through lack of education and pure misinformation.

This method of beating around the bush is how this issues grow in community spaces, you leave a bigot problem unaddressed and slowly the whole community becomes bigots! This happened here in the unturned space a long time ago and has only gotten worse. Why would I, A Queer Woman, want to spend any of my time posting to a forum where someone can imply the most heinous shit about people like me and not get a permanent ban for it? The lack on concrete action on this problem has worsened it and made this community absolutely toxic for anyone that isn’t a bigot themself or OK with being pals with one (which makes them also a bigot, cause again, neutrality is a stance)

This problem needs to be addressed, and it needs to be addressed directly, publicly, and with no punches pulled. Bigotry is not a “difference of opinion” it is hatred, and letting hatred spread is the last thing we should be doing. We are in the year 2023 but I can still come to this forum and see rampant anger and disgust at the mere suggestion that gay people exist. That speaks to an absolute failing on the part of moderators across this site and the community at large.

Further reading on the subject that I implore you to check out:
Alt-Right Playbook: How to Radicalize a Normie
Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online
The Ship of Theseus

I sincerely hope things improve, because they have to.


there just should be freedom of speech


Freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences, You should not expect under “Freedom of speech” to be able to say horrible shit and go uncensored for it.


well people are well censored here, no? Molton does his job

also I know it’s irrelevant but just stop reminding of the arid leak please :frowning: No seriously I didn’t leak it

Sleek and to the point. I agree with every point you’ve put forwards. I don’t think I can contribute much beyond my immeasurable disappointment that this is still an issue after it became clear that much of the forum’s population left due to reasons adjacent to this. I, and many others have all but left the forum, and some have deleted their accounts due to this issue.

No, he does not. This has been an issue for years.


Sometimes, unturned feels like 1950s britian.


Yeah bigotry is a pretty serious problem I have with this community. I had to leave the Escape from Unturnov discord (of which I was a developer actively creating models) due to actually being sent death threats and gore repeatedly. It seriously makes me sick how prevalent and empowered these guys are and I hope that the moderation on this front takes on a zero-tolerance policy to actually try and stomp this shit out. It seriously gets tiring after a while.


Is it actually that fucking bad? God.


It has been like this since I joined this community and it has only worsened.
Everyone in a position of power wants to fence sit and play “the neutral party” allowing it to further fester.


Anyways I feel ike modern warfare 2 2022 community is more friendlier than this community.

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Agreed, the same could be said in various places like the Unturned discord where some people are still spamming “Z” messages a year after the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

Freedom of speech is nice but must have restrictions whenever it is used to promote racist, sexist, transphobic, pro-war or any kind of disrespectful content.


I can agree that there is a problem with the racism and bigotry in the community, but alot of the people are young in these communities (and alot of people are russian) so the posting of Z is also going to be common, we can’t really help it either, as more people come over to the game they see that it’s okay for such things to happen, and they reciprocate the behavior.

Oh this shit again? We literally fucking cleared up everything yesterday. Ask him if you want.

Perfect example of the exact kind of behavior I detailed in my post! Thank you for commenting and proving my point.

Not only have you minimized the issue (common tactic to make minority groups look “whiney”) you have also tried to shift the focus to an individual.

EDIT: comment i was replying to got deleted lol


I do wonder who you actually are. A bit cowardly to hide like that. I think you would have a different perspective if perhaps you faced the same level of daily harassment. It’s all well and good to say “just ignore it lol” until you are faced with it yourself. This is something I have realised over the years and I sincerely hope you can mature and realise how much you embarrass yourself.

EDIT: this was a reply to McPlerg. The original reply basically boiled down to an attempt at minimising the problem and, like @calamari said, make it an individual’s problem, not a systematic one.

EDIT: It is also disappointing that the thread has been slow mode’ed. This is just kicking the bucket down the road.


Very based opinion thank you

The more people are apathetic about it, the worse it gets.


It is. There are also a lot of people with nazi-esque profile pictures in a bunch of community discords that I’ve seen; they may not be intentionally nazi stuff but the implication is still very much there. I never really feel safe in community discords outside of the official one because its not good for my mental health.


This is exactly the problem I laid out in the original post, If we relinquish to the idea that “we can’t help it” it will cause the issue to fester and grow worse. This is why bigotry and hatred needs to be stamped out, not ignored.

Its not enough to be “not a bigot” you have to be actively anti-bigot.

I brought attention to it in the original post, but I implore everyone to check out this video (and honestly the whole series)