Thief and stealing

I think it would be good for RP and some survival servers if you could steal items from unsuspecting victims, this along with lock picking could be good buffs for thief’s.
How little you are detected (say from an exclamation mark with an arrow) depends on your thief skill, if your a poor thief you would just alert the player with a warning and have some explaining to do.
Good thief’s wouldt be detected as much.

Lock picking could only work on the maps buildings doors allowing you unlock doors others couldn’t and not have to do things like.
There might be an option for servers to make lockpicking for all doors that use a key lock and (other unpickalbe locks could be code locks).

All these features could be turned off if the owner or players don’t like this. But the option should be there.

I’d imagine this just being really goofy. How does the game know I’m not just going to do a 180 degree head turn because I feel like it? You having some magical skill doesn’t stop me from being paranoid and/or aware of my surroundings like literally any player in the community. I’m not an NPC :confused:

I’d rather not have a RPG-esque pickpocketing mechanic in UII. It doesn’t belong and just makes way too little sense for a multiplayer survival game the way you’ve explained it.

I don’t know what you mean exactly, but alternative methods of getting through doors are already confirmed (e.g. battering rams). I wouldn’t be surprised if lockpicks were already considered too.


If you turned around you would see the player yes. But if the thief was good you wouldn’t get a big warning arrow on your screen just to remind you. I was also thinking if sleeping is a thing, then looting sleeping body’s would be cool

This is not a system that would work tbh. I dont see how you would be able to walk up right behind a player without being noticed. Only way this would work is if the person you’re robbing is afk lol. Another way of implementing a robbing system however, is simply by adding a unconscious/downed system where you essentially knock the player out, with guns or melee weapon and take what you want and leave. Which also is the most realistic and best proven way of robbing a player shown in several survival games

Just so you know, this is already confirmed. Nelson plans to have it so that you can access the inventory of surrendered or downed/dead players.


On a serious note, no, stealing from a conscious player is not a good idea to implement.

I don’t like all these ideas relating to non lethal stealing, I feel it takes control away from the player (which players should have in a survival game imo) Also why does stealing have to be non lethal? If you are gonna take shit from a player just go all the way and shoot em.

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You should never get a warning arrow.

Oh, i wasn’t sure if he was going to implement it or not. As far as i knew on the wiki it says “Possibly a consciousness status bar”

“you would just alert the player with a warning”

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