Things from 2.0 (or non-official content) that should be in 3.0/4.0

shopping carts and other small map design details

First up, a screenshot from a nearly 7 year old video of Smileyland

I haven’t really played any curated maps besides France, so I don’t know if any of them have ever bothered to add neat details like cars on the lifts like this before, but I don’t remember any official maps having little details like this.

Why not add more buildings that are blocked off, impossible to enter without building up into it.

Speaking of blocked off buildings, why not add more shit that shows you are in an apocolypse setting. Tell me, save for the zombies and the loot everywhere, how would you know you’re in an apocalypse environment? Theres lore, sure, but a story isn’t well-made based on scenery alone. Why not bring some of that back from 2.0?

More military checkpoints. And make it clear its a checkpoint.

Why not make versions of existing models that are broken down and deteriorated? From my memory, the only re-done models that are broken down are destroyed cars. Like look at Seattle, every single building is literally intact, its like nothing happened. We could have buildings with caved in roofs, collapsed roofs, chunks of wall missing, broken roads (and not just texture broken).

What about bringing back waved flags, instead of boring flags that are flat?

Speaking of making the scenery resemble an apoc, what about more humanly, modern things? Sure we have houses and statues, but what about things people actually use? We have home decor, but what about, hell, shopping carts???

SPEAKING OF, WHERE on PEI, Russia, Washington, Yukon, where there is a restroom, public or private? like damn, where do I shit? WHERE?

different zombie walk animations, and allowing for custom animations/rigging?

the straight mauler, we don’t have this one, we have one that only has one arm outwards

the anime one

the one that rambles its arms around, we already got that one

ALSO, why can’t we have like actual schools? Like take for instance the schools in DayZ Chernarus. They are two story, nearly full schools, with a courtyard in the middle. We could add public bathrooms, a gymnasium, and so on. How fucking cool would that shit be???


hell you would like my work in progress map if it was finished


car lifts are interactable so if you lowered them, you’d be left with a floating car.


since when

since like 4 years ago


then add a toggle to make an object static



Danaby intervening with some emergency facts as per usual.

Also, I think there is something you haven’t mentioned, Rain. Back in 2.0 the clothes zombies would wear were torn and dirty, whereas in 3.0 the undead stroll around in the same clean clothes we do. It’d be a neat detail if that were ever consdered again for 3.0.


If we learned anything that 2.0 is better than 3.0

This is true. I don’t think we’d consider doing this unless 3.x’s item system is rewritten to support things like recolors and other such properties (rather than each needing to be a separate item).


elver mega zombie ;D

ALSO, why can’t we have like actual schools? Like take for instance the schools in DayZ Chernarus. They are two story, nearly full schools, with a courtyard in the middle. We could add public bathrooms, a gymnasium, the front office, janitors closet, so on. How fucking cool would that shit be???

And it wouldn’t just be a huge boring building. Players would be happy to scrap backpacks and school clothes for cloth, finding glue and tape for construction, so on.

I never understood this mindset of bigger location === better, like there’s only so much you can do to make a school distinct from other locations and actually worth exploring. It’d mostly just end up like that north-western part of seattle that nobody remembers

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I definitely remember exploring the school in DayZ.

Maybe this is a “map devs need to get creative” problem and not “this is just a failure of Unturned’s art and play style” problem.


Go ahead then, elaborate on your original idea and say why it was worth exploring. Give a reason for it to exist other than “it would be cool”.

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Your imagination is your only limit so they say.

Starting from the beginning of the OP, I never put a car in a garage lift, I don’t think there’s any benefits from doing that, does a vehicle get instant repair by doing it ? Or gets instant wheels?

People can have many different views of how Post-Apocalyptic the world would “look” to an average John. Personally, I don’t think the globe would be more “Militarized”, I think that’s pretty much an American PoV. For instance, in Japan there was a Lockdown at the borders refusing entrance to inmigrants, with the only exception to US Military as they ignored the Pandemic safety rules and actually “contributed” to the spread of Covid-19 making it much harder than easier, talk about Military “Intelligence”… They entered my country without checking for infection before departure and many were tested positive on arrival and went to their respective base designations without respecting Quarantine, spreading the virus without a care.

To me, a Post-Apocalyptic world would mean the need of more MAKESHIFT items as resources would be lacking everywhere. Supermarket carts? Really?

I would rather see more blueprints of which after scavenging cloth pieces we would be turning to knitting and “not” instant crafting.

I just bought another Post Apocalyptical game in which after chopping a tree, you get “one” log, you have to carry it on your shoulder (as opposed to carrying 35+ units in your inventory) one by one and then make a single wall in what could take a full day rather than getting an instant one second wall.

Also, connecting your other barking post…forget about skybases on a Post-Apocalyptic survival game.

Instead I would suggest implementing “Digging” since we already have Mining :pick: and start caving downwards, as we already have players building “glitched” bases. Tunnels that if not with proper maintenance by the community would collapse, obstructing all players and not just the owner, where more collaborative interaction would be needed instead of just KoSS-Ing each other.

Edit: as an outdoorsy, toilets? No, just dig a hole in the ground. Have you ever gone camping in your life?

Do you guys know Survival Lilly? I follow her YT channel:

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Its purely for visual world-building effect. There were surely mechanics before the apoc, and surely in at least one shop they were not finished repairing a vehicle. So it makes sense to see an abandoned vehicle on the lift. Just as we see all the abandoned houses.

I think its a lot more up to artistic intent than audience perspective. If Nelson intended the apoc to look years in the future, then yes, there should be way more crumbled down buildings as mentioned earlier. There would also be vegetation growth beginning or taking ahold of buildings. I’m sure if I unlocked Washington and edited it myself with some tools I could make it look more gutted out and ruined. Of course, that would require nature, vines, broken versions of buildings, so on.

And yet Washington does not have military checkpoints. It has a military base, a refuge base, and a military settlement in the middle of Seattle. Even if you think militarism is exclusively an American phenomenon then Washington is lacking these checkpoints that, I’d imagine, most country populations would appreciate.

I’m sure 100% of the countries in a zombie apoc would close their borders, and yeah that requires the use of or threat of military action to enforce that. If they can do that, then I’m sure they can build checkpoints between cities to ensure one infected town does not reach the next.

Sure. There ought to be, as I mentioned earlier, remnants of makeshift survivor things like boarded up buildings.

well now you’re enterring fantasy land, since this can’t happen in either of the current games.

I’m not sure what to tell you.

Imagine a school, a proper one. There is a front office and front entrance. The school is littered with windows on every room on all floors. There is a cafeteria to loot food and food-making supplies from. There are classrooms full of paper, cloth, backpacks, clothes, glue, tape, and so on. Books could be added to the game, which would either be used like notes to save a message for someone, or to be scraped into paper (which could be used to craft things, or just craft into cloth). These books could come in all the basic colors that everything else comes in as well.

There is the janitors closet full of cleaning supplies like chemicals, or cleaning tools like a broom that can be broken down into metal.

There is the gymnasium, where Nelson could potentially add silly little mechanics like being able to pick up a ball and throw it - and no, not just a re-textured grenade that doesn’t explode kind of throwing. If the gym is receiving power, then an air horn can go off if you make a shot as if the gym still functions.

The sports equipment could be scraped for metal. New sports clothes could be added to the game to accommodate for gymnasiums, baseball fields, olympic fields, and so on such as track clothes,easily recognizable baseball clothes, referee clothes, and so on.

The outside recess yard, if an elementry school, could have little wooden huts, chain swings, and the big fun structures like this. Why can’t this be in the damn game? I loved this as a kid. Unturned’s largest portion of the audience is literally kids. The playground could really be interesting cover for PvP, making players really think of where to stand instead of “go behind wall. go behind tree”. Its an interesting shape.

The bathrooms could contain easter eggs with something inside the toilet, or graffiti on the wall that conveys something important (or not). Perhaps another gimmick funny item could be a roll of toilet paper you can throw, creating a streamy mess that disappears after a while. Now you can TP other players houses.

“I wear a Fez hat, Fezzes are cool.”

Each of the school rooms are a potential base waiting to be made. All a player has to do is board up the door to the room and the windows on the wall, and place a safezone generator. Imagine science labs with chemicals, goggles, lab gowns, so on. Imagine the library full of bookshelves.Maybe they can be static wooden bookshelves that you can actually put XP into for the hell of it to trade with your friend. Might as well do it while you’re there, right?

Or maybe there can be new custom bookshelf models that aren’t the makeshift models. Maybe books could be left abandoned on the library tables, most will have gibberish text, but one or two has an easter egg for the title of the book. Example “Making Textures for Dummies, by Nelson Sexton” With the untextured player as the book cover.

Imagine a computer lab with lootable computer stuff (if that ever gets added to the game). That same computer stuff could be looted from military bases too, in towers or such (imagine the satellite tower in DayZ at the airfield, with the extensive computers and junk everywhere).

Imagine the deans office where kids get written up, have in-school suspension, and so on. For lore or easter egg, there could be a note on or under the desk written by the dean, with a list of naughty “students”.

There could be funny student-made posters and artwork decorating the halls. For the teaching lounge, front office, deans office, and other adult spaces there could be lame inspirational posters reminiscent of 2000’s with that classic bottom text.

For the teaching lounge there would be tables, stacks of papers to review and grade, a microwave, fridge, sink, water dispenser, maybe theres a hidden note under one of the tables from a mischievous, troubled kid that says “Danaby wuz here!”

Maybe before the apoc one room was taken over by kids as part of an after-school club, adorning memey posters and artwork on the wall, a console, chess and other board games, maybe its a robotics team and they have a robot in the classroom. Or maybe post-apoc a group of kids take over a room, board up the windows, and make it their little paradise for a while, maybe they live off of the hundreds of abandoned packages of school food still left in the cafeteria storage.

In my school we had “learning cottages” which were literally just trailers outside of the main school building that were extra classrooms for Social Studies. Maybe something funny like that could be added. Those could be a cool base because its “hidden in plain sight”

Maybe there can be a note by Mr Schofield, a social studies teacher, complaining about wanting real classrooms. Then a note beside it written by the principal guaranteeing Mr Schofield that those are in fact “real classrooms”.

Imagine there is a welding metal-working class with scrap metal and other metal things like cans. Imagine there is an art room wtih art supplies and more abstract Unturned paintings. Imagine there is a wood-working classroom with saws and a comedically badly made wooden chair, presumably made by a student.

Imagine there is a choir or music room, with instruments (maybe Nelson can ask to integrate that one workshop mod with the guitars into the game, just as he integrated free-form glass into the game from the workshop). There can be instruments people are familiar with, microphones with microphone stands, a frontal stand for the person who guides the choir. There can be posters with musical notes or sheet music (perhaps a set of sheet music can be a meme. One sheet could be the Unturned theme, another could be Rickroll).

NOW IMAGINE AN ENTIRE FUCKING COLLEGE CAMPUS? Long sight lines for sniping, so on. Paths, trees, statues, open courtyards, bush hedges,

Have I convinced you yet? All it takes is a bit of creativity. This is the kind of shit I wanted to make in my Delaware (or Brooklyn) map.

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All parts on national backorder due to zombie apocalypse :pensive:

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@RainOfPain125 Too long didn’t read, lmao
(also there was a US General named John Schofield he was commanding General of the US Army from 1888-1895)

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And this guy exists