Thinner Characters



Hey Nelson and everyone,

I’ve played Unturned since it was in the beta stages U2 and has always had a special place in my heart. It was the DAYZ that I didn’t need a tower PC to run, my shoddy laptop did the trick. I would say that there are a lot of things that one could suggest to implement into the new game, however, I only ask for one thing…thinner character models.

This kind of character model would be perfect! Maybe with less polygons if need be but the point is, I don’t like the thicc hands that block the details on the weapons for example. I don’t see why the characters have to be so wide. I believe with the detail that we have seen with the new Car model, I’m sure it would be nice to see a similar level of detail with the player model. There is no need for the characters to be virtually the same since the very first release of Unturned. We can have the same fun blocky style, just less thicc ;).

Just an suggestion :slight_smile:


I’m really not fond of the particular example you used, for a variety of reasons.

  • it’s blocky as opposed to Unturned’s low-poly. The two are completely different artstyles. (In my opinion, the seam lines between the torso blocks and the way the arm blocks cut into each other just look really weird)

  • there are fingers in the example, and Nelson has stated that he once tried adding fingers to the UII mesh, but they looked weird so they got removed. I highly doubt we’ll be getting fingers in the finalized version.

  • the newest character mesh is already thinner than that of U3, so that should take care of your original point. Even the head is becoming slightly smaller IIRC to account for hitbox proportion balance from U3. The hands won’t block the details nearly as much either as the animations and first person viewmodels get tweaked.


no thanks I’d rather not


Can that head get any bigger?

(Aww shid)


Then why is it also categorized as a question? :thinking:


looks like the box men model from ravenfield


Nah, it looks like a model from that game where you drive and crash into things


Someone posted on the forums a reload animation with the same weapon, magazine, and character model some months ago, but I can’t find it for the life of me. MoltonMan found it:


idk I mean with less polygons it looks like it would be cool and make parts more proportionate. But I can see this showing that UII is a better and more advanced then 3.0 could ever be.


All fair points. The example was just to get an idea, maybe a middle ground between what it is currently and the example shown I think could be cool to see, maybe just as a concept even. Hey, if it can’t work then it’s no issue :).


Sorry :confused: I think I fixed it now.


Perhaps if the model was not separated in blocky sections it would fit better the lowpoly artstyle of U2


I think that’s what I was trying to go for but you summarized it in one sentence. :slight_smile:


Where did you get this model?



Wow that looks neat


Ew its cancer


don’t worry pesky, it cant hurt you unless you click on it


I feel sorry for the 5 people that clicked it


I found it from another thread, should’ve liked the original thread. My mistake.

Apologies, I will be sure to like all sources.