This game might make me loose my social life

Hi everyone !
I discovered a new game, currently in development, but still looking absolutely amazing ! (it could actually make me loose my social life).

NOTE : First, it’s not an add for the game at all, just want to share this with you, and second, the project might be a scam to get money from the kickstarter (don’t think so though, their discord and website seem to be serious).

It’s a gta-like MMORPG where you can be pretty much anyone.
You can either become a gangster, a businessman or a politician, etc.
The map looks also stunning.
It would be a real roleplay game and the developers seem to be very attached to details (that I personally consider to be really important in a rp game) .

Here is the link of the project, so you can see the trailer, gameplays, and so on :

As I understood, it’s currently being developed by a group of 3 and the beta should be available in the first half of 2020.
They opened a kickstarter in mid-June and still managed to collect 120 000€.

I wanted to know what you guys think about this project and if some of you share my excitement !
I really hope this game will come alive !


i dont have money
any way welcome to the community


Well, we still don’t know what will be the price of the game, but I guess it won’t be cheap…


Depends on how the community will be.

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this game seems promising

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Definitely, but I read that all players would be able to create private rooms, so that would prevent non-rp situations.
Devs also said that they would work a lot on making non-rp situations really rare (I don’t know how though, they just said that there would (of course) have a player banning system).

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This would be the perfect game, but perfect games are impossible to make. Also people wouldnt be capable of doing this as everyone wants to be a bad guy.

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You have a social life to lose? Teach me how to get one.


It looks really good. But that’s all I can say.

The game itself has an amazing concept but it also looks like it would be incredibly grindy.
Games that include a large grind often have some sort of paid system where you can just buy your way to the top, GTA online is a great example of this.

Assuming the game has zero flaws, or at least only negligible ones, it’s hard to imagine things playing out the way the trailer makes it seem. I suggest rewatching it (or watching it for the first time) and try to imagine how the actual scenario would play out.

Since we don’t know much yet I don’t want to be too judgmental, but I am not planning on boarding the hype train anytime soon.

also this is what Unturned RP should be


25 bucks for a key? Nah, naaaaah
That idea has been attempted many many times, seldomly works.
One that worked for exmaple is Arma 3 Altis Life (as they said themselves) and ECO.

Pretty much this.
Also seems very odd that OP makes an acount and this is the very first thing he posts.
I am not saying it is an add, but … it is probably an ad
EDIT: Just checked, profile is not too new but the stats are odd.


Hmm no it’s not an add at all, I’m still very uncertain that this game will ever come out and even if it’s not a scam… I just wanted to know people thoughts about it ! I originally came here because unturned is one of my favourite game but just wanted to share my discovery :slightly_smiling_face: (I never posted anything because I just never had anything interesting to share until now)

And I don’t see what’s odd with my stats :thinking:

Okay, no hard feelings. Gotta admit tho, rnaom post abozt a kickstarte seems fairly ad-ish.

Nothing wrong, I just found this odd. Granted that is subjective, so take it for what it is worth.

wait guys please don’t get off topic molton doesn’t like that

I just read my topic again, I agree it looks a bit like an add with the kickstarter, but their website is robbish, only the kickstarter really describe the project.
About altis : I think it is a bit different from altis life as arma was not originally designed for this purpose, so the mod looks a bit empty imo. As this game would be designed for this, it could work better !

Yeah, I agree. Problem is, my goodwill in terms of kickstarter projects has been let down time and time again. I am not saying that project is not going to work, I am merely holding myslef in contempt and am not giving them money for soemthing I cannot see/test for myself. If they roll out a beta and it shows promise I can see myself backing that project. So far all they got is good looks tho, and as we all know looks cna be deciving.


Totally agree, not giving a dollar for now. Seeing the trailers, I think that the game will be disappointing (if it comes out), but I still have a bit of hope !

The game is influenced by Arma Life, definitely.

But as for how the game is going to pan out, I’m going to have to wait for what YouTubers have to say. These types of games are usually too ambitious to execute, example being Identity, but we’ll see.

In my opinion, it will definitely be a grind fest. And the theme of the game is turning me down. So basically it is like real life(?) and I can see huge negatives right off the bat just because of that.


We germans have a proverb “Was er nicht weiß macht ihn nicht heiß”, roughly equates to “If he does not know he does not care”.


well if you already play Unturned, chances are you don’t have a social life anyway.

Also, most kickstarter games fail. At least those that seem to resemble high budget games and not made with RPG maker. It’s probably either going to be shitty and nobody’s going to play it (APB) or they just don’t even make it at all.

Honestly this looks like APB. APB did it before, and it was a complete faliure.

Why not use your money to buy some alcohol to numb the pain of having no social life, instead of using it to back an indie game on Kickstarter.