Thoughts about the turneds based on recent unturned 3.0 changes

Thinking about it here, I see that unturned 3.0 is undergoing heavy code changes, and that made me think, will we ever see zombies chasing the player freely around the map (without being stuck in the cities), just as we had in Unturned 2.0?
Or rather, perhaps hordes of them wandering towards the players’ base during specific events (maybe the full moon)?

Do you think that if something like that came into the game, it would improve the game’s PvE / Survival experience?
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  • No
  • Maybe, but…

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Perhaps the biggest problem would be in, maybe having to rework the maps completely, this for both the officers and the workshop, and that could be a little irritating, but I think that would be the only problem.
Being really honest, I don’t know if it’s possible, but, in my opinion, it would be very good for the game. And personally, I would like to hear your thoughts on that.

imagine being offline raided by some horde of zombos

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I do not believe that this is a serious problem. The turneds would only attack the structures if they were preventing them from reaching a player that they detected.
So, if a player was not inside your home, the turneds just ignored it.

what if someone else just stood on top of the base

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I see a very intelligent player, who is using a force of the environment to his advantage.
I still don’t see it as a big problem, since the only way for another player to climb on top of a base is to jump by helicopter or umbrella, something that could easily be avoided using hostile sentries.
Therefore, if a player did not place them, he ended up making a mistake and almost every mistake has consequences, which in this case will be explored by another player.

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what if someone shoots the sentries


what if someone can’t afford sentries or doesn’t have the materials to create one


If someone destroys them or if you don’t have the materials to build them, you will have an unprotected base, unprotected bases are asking you to raid.

But, if this is such a BIG problem, it could be solved very simply, with a server option (similar to PvP on / off) in which the server owner could leave the hordes activated or not.
Therefore, it would be something more dedicated to the PvE game, which is, by the way, the real objective of my suggestion.

what if someone in pve stands on someone elses base to raid it


so you’re suggesting that someone should have sentries always covering your base (a very expensive recipe, not to mention how much area they would need to cover depending on base size), including the outside where they are exposed and can be shot at

if i’m a fresh spawn and go to a campsite, chop down a couple trees and climb onto a metal base and completely raid it without any sort of guns, explosives, etc. is that okay


Well, I’ll answer you with another question.

What would happen to a player, on a PvE server, who enters this one just to pick up a sledgehammer and destroy other players’ cars?

I’d like zombies to be able to wander the map outside of locations (iirc that’s supposed to be planned), but I definitely don’t want a fresh spawn raiding my base by baiting some zombies then jumping onto my roof.


That doesn’t answer my question. Are you just avoiding the argument?

if i build my base floating isn’t this just completely nullified

I think he’s trying to suggest that a player in pve mode raiding a base using zombies is no different from a player in pve mode destroying other peoples’ vehicles, which is wrong anyway because with the vehicles example you can lock it away in a garage when you’re offline, you can’t make a garage for your base.

Therefore, if a player did not place them, he ended up making a mistake and almost every mistake has consequences, which in this case will be explored by another player.

You have just solved the problem of players raiding bases with the zombies.

So if you don’t have sentries yet or can’t constantly maintain sentries with a generator, you’re doomed to be raided?

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you want sentries to shoot other players in PVE?

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Isn’t that how pvp servers work?

Hey, where did I say that?