Thoughts on Buak

"Where should i start my frustrations about this map? Was it even tested before release? What the wtf were they doing? It just gets worse with every update. I don’t care how good it looks or how much lore it has; the gameplay sucks. And I don’t mean that I can’t find a gun; it’s an unbalanced hot mess!

For example, armored cars were so OP/broken at first, but now they’re made of paper. They don’t even consider the number/armor values properly they just said fuck it its OP lets decrease it.

Crafting recipes are also unbalanced. For example, you need 2 stacks of electrical components for 1 C4, but you only need 1 stack of electrical components for 1 horde beacon that has the chance to give 1-2 C4. Not to mention, the amount of loot it gives if more people do it, making it impossible for solo players to compete. Moreover, the amount of materials needed to make some items is ridiculous, and salvaging them gives back not even half of what you need to make them.

Airdrops are useless, finding a Grizzly is so rare. My duo and I got 10/10 drops and still didn’t get a single Grizzly a day, only canned food, sentry guns, ammo, etc.

Speaking of sentries, they are so useless that they can’t even kill a naked guy. And guess what? You can literally destroy them by punching it! it’s not enough that you can draining them because they can’t hit anything; you can destroy them with fuckin bare hands or just shoot them.

One more thing, the master key was so overpowered before; it could one-shot everyone. But now, you can’t even kill a guy who stands in front of you with two shots in the head. It’s not like this map has over 50 guns, yet it still fails at balancing gunplay. Not to mention melee being kinda OP, but at least that’s fun.

It’s crazy how something with so much potential turns into garbage, an unbalanced mess. Hopefully, with time, things will get fixed. and not just the things that i listed.


Bro that map is made for singleplayer, pvp in this dlc is like “Ight if they want let them have it” the truth is that ppl who play unturned pvp think if there is no gun on ground in every location its not worth playing

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Yes, the map does feel like it was made for single-player, but that doesn’t mean everyone should only play single-player in a game that has multiplayer. Ignoring the multiplayer aspect because it’s unbalanced

Have you asked the players for their opinions? Personally, I like the fact that there are fewer guns on the map And no, the map is not worth playing not because there are no guns, but because the guns are unbalanced

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Personally I feel like they spent too much time on clothing, and making EVERYTHING breakable rather then just making it fun.


my biggest problem with buak is how the quests have no purpose and the anomaly has no connection to the lighthouse. id kill for safezone to get remastered and the writing to be redone. Buak is great but leaves a sour taste in the end


Quality of life suggestion: the huge inventory and crafting options is giving packrats like me eye strain. I wish there is a way to combine tools like for example hacksaw and bowie knife into a “leatherman” or something that allows you to both salvage things like a hacksaw and skin animals like a bowie knife. Also make it craft only, never dropped or found anywhere. The reason for craft only is so that we could uncheck its salvage option and freely scrap all dropped and found loots (especially hacksaws and bowie knives) without fear of destroying a tool or something. I really like picking stuff up and cutting them up with my tools.

I love the fact there is less guns, the bow combat is amazing but once deadzone is unlocked its bad boring and steamrollable for pvp. Only real unbalanced gun is masterkey

Agreed, felt like a money farm in a community map that Nelson greenlighted.


If a map could only be playable on PvE or singleplayer that’s a cheap map this is all I can say.


yea they are not balanced bc creators of dlc wanted Low tier (bow), mid (colt,ace), high (eaglefire,nightrighter) it was all meant for fighting bosses not for pvp

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If you want an actual survival map that coincidentally has enjoyable and engaging PvP, play Yukon.

I am not being sarcastic.

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it can be PVP or PVE it doesn’t matter as long as it feels good also pvp is good on Buak it’s just unbalanced

That’s interesting, I’ve thought about it before. The map tries to felsh out the past of the Anomaly as much as it can and for the most part it’s really interesting stuff, but maybe due to an oversight or for whatever other reason it never bothers to explain why exactly the entity decided to inhabit… a lighthouse of all things? Beyond iconography you’d think there would have to be more to it and maybe I haven’t looked for the evidence thoroughly enough, but it strikes me as a bit of a missed opportunity. Which sort of sucks because I love everything else about the storytelling on Buak. I think this was one of the important questions which should have been answered. :thinking:


Well, that train hasn’t left yet, after all we might get proper explanation in some large Buak update (maybe something like a “1-year anniversary final update” because it has become a trend on all recent curated maps).

The place she gets gunned down is quite important and the reason she possesses the lighthouse of all things, all I’m gonna say on that though, it wasn’t an oversight.


im glad you responded. i feel the same way kinda sucks but too late. Maybe an update later on to revamp tne story would be nice. As well as other things

I just find the correlation between the original anomaly from Unturned 2.0 and the Buak lighthouse seems redundant, or rather, insignificant to the story of Buak, and the lighthouse itself. I get the reasoning of the possession but the meaning/significance of the known Unturned “creepypasta” seems unnecessary. It could have been any building or habitat but the lighthouse anomaly is related specifically to a previous Unturned map with no correlation to the Buak lighthouse/Story. Agreeing with SirAdy, it just feels like an oversight and miss opportunity to do something specifically related to the lighthouse and its previous reputation.

TLDR: New story with previous reputation regarding the Anomaly and the Lighthouse serve no correlation between the new story and its aforementioned popularity before Buak.

If you have to clarify the lore of your own map because it is so unclear, then I’m sorry, you failed to present a good story in that map.

You shouldn’t have to go on random obscure forum addendums with no lore, relevance or ARG to prove that your story was competently crafted, lore is one of this map’s biggest selling points even though it’s just nostalgia berries. It just looks worse if you can’t even make your Unturned fanfic have enough sense within it to make it justifiable lore-wise to make it worth playing. It’s a fun map, sure, but I really don’t think it had any business being given much official recognition. With far better maps, all I have to really say is that it’s underwhelming and not really worth most people’s time. There’s far better out there, with devs who respect their players enough to actually present a story rather than use their vision which a lot of people clearly seem to have missed because of the story’s own shortcomings as an ‘own’ on critics.

Ambiguity is good, however this doesn’t seem like ambiguity, further evidenced by their response. This is just a storyteller who failed to do what they wanted to. It’s okay to make mistakes as a community fan developer, just please try to take criticism into account rather than try to play clean up.

Still baffled Nelson made this a community map. What’s going on behind the scenes?

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tbh i think this is a little harsh yet somewhat accurate. I think the quality of buak is good but lacking a lot of practical content. There is plenty of amazing content that is well crafted but not enough important valuable content to the replayability and gameplay loop. The story I think was just really random with no needing to add “nostalgia berries” . It could easily have been its own thing, only instead kinda bringing down the nostalgia with it. I agree the story is very much just full of fluff and not practically used OC based content.


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