Timed thread closings, and necroposting


Note: This is practically a copy-paste of a reply I left on the I've made the first ever Unturned II Mod thread, and this independent thread’s primary purpose is to provide a relevant forum for discussing such things rather than derailing other threads. It is to also help make sure more people see this information, due to differing notification settings.


Simply put: use common sense when it comes to necroposting.

Also, going to threads and posting replies like “stop necroposting” doesn’t do anything helpful. Message the person directly, or flag the post if it’s off-topic/irrelevant. Those would be preferable to spamming posts whenever an old thread is necro’d. Alternatively, just mute the thread.

If you’re going to actively participate in necroposting threads with irrelevant spam for a joke, then I’d appreciate not also telling people off for necroposting constantly. Threads get closed for irrelevant banter, not necroposting. Please don’t negatively contribute to threads in such a way that it has to be closed.

Automatic thread closings

No thread automatically decides that it’s going to set a closing date. Staff manually set thread-closing dates. Do not take closing dates as an invitation to spam threads.

To clarify: when a date is set for a thread to automatically close, it’s because it’s healthier for discussion than immediately closing the thread is. It allows for people to either finish up conversations, or restore the thread back to its intended purpose so it doesn’t have to be forcefully closed.

Similarly, timed temporary closings are meant to temporarily end discussions, which gives reason for people to take a break from a post that may have contained overly-heated discussions. This is preferable to staff having to permanently close a post, as it should allow for people to cool down enough to continue respectful discussion again. It can also be used when staff are typing administrative responses and need to temporarily mute ongoing discussion.

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If there’s any other questions regarding such things, this would be an appropriate thread for them. Threads can also be created in the #site-feedback sub-categories for most meta questions.

Preemptively going to answer this question since it’s relevant and may be asked:

  • [Q]Will threads ever automatically close without staff?
  • [A] Preferably, yes, but such settings aren’t super preferable at times, and are a bit limited in options. It may be on a per-category basis if it ever happens.

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