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Civilization VI is up for grabs on the Epic Games Launcher.

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borderlands is next I believe, I will enjoy both these games very much

I love civilization, I played the fifth part and it was great. But six is ​​even better. Especially with 3/4 friends when you play together.

I do love the district system in VI, gives more use to conquering large swathes of land than just to make farms and mines or to get strategic resources, but the fact they stuck features from V like golden ages in ludicrously overpriced DLC sucks. I got the game in a humble bundle; it’s pretty fun, but i wouldn’t spend 60$ bucks let alone another 70$ for almost necessary DLC on it. Definitely enough playtime in it to warrent a free download though lol.

who da fuq plays civilization

I would’ve given a nice fat thumbs up had it not been for this line of text

Even then, it is mostly Epic Games, and I’m not willing to make a deal with the devil just to play a free game.

yo whats up

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say sikes right now.

Also I think there would be borderland 2(and borderland prequel) next as well as ARK survival evolved. But it’s just speculations of random people on the internet.



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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on the Epic Games Launcher.

Hippity Hoppity borderland is now my property!

if you want a free game just pirate it then you won’t have to get the epic games launcher


And that kids is what is called a pro gamer moove!

ovagames gang rise up

careful what you say on here the fedz watching :male_detective:‍♂

i bought it for 5 dollars ):<

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Epic Games Launcher is a joke. However, it’s necessary to get the Unreal Engine.

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I can’t hear you over the sound of free games.


let’s all press F for Dragon_Beast.