Tracking, weather, metallurgy, and stuff

  • Entities should leave tracks in mud and snow
  • Different entities, movements, and shoes should leave distinct tracks
  • These tracks disappear over time or in during storms
  • Snow accumulation, or snow overlay with snow drifts at certain fixed locations, during snow storms.
  • The ground should be muddied by, and puddles created by rainstorms
  • Trash, leaves, sand, and snow (varies by place and/or season) accumulate at certain fixed locations during windstorms
  • Shovels can be used to dig/entrench into snow, or collect sand, (without changing the surface of the ground)
  • Sand could be used to craft glass, concrete, or sandbags
  • Magnets could be used to turn large amounts of sand into ore
  • Boulders should be mined for stone like in 2.0
  • Different boulders might give different stones or ores.
  • Ore should require smelting in a bloomery, furnace, or atleast a fire, to create blooms of iron
  • Blooms of iron could be crafted into iron and steel
  • Steel should be able to be used in the place of iron in all recipes
  • With an improved crafting skill, players can craft more advanced recipes that require steel specifically

I refuse to read this until you format it.


I don’t like you anyways (jk)
I didn’t make a bulleted list because one idea just bled into another, and several of the ideas would be repetitive in that format.


  • entities should leave tracks on the ground, all of which look different enough that one can distinguish between what made them
  • these tracks disappear over time or in bad weather
  • snow accumulation during snow storms, and muddy ground in rain storms
  • shovels can be used to dig/entrench into snow, or collect sand, which can be used for stuff like glass, sandbags, and concrete
  • boulders should give stones like in 2.0, and metal should only be environmentally obtained when there is a large amount of sand that has been run through a magnet to collect metal (this metallic residue must be in large quantities for metal production)
  • heat is required to convert metallic sand, stones, and bog iron into scrap metal
  • with higher crafting skill various refined steel items can be made

I’m fine with tracks being added, and iirc this (including different prints based on shoe) were/are planned at some point.

I’m doubtful about snow drifts happening, but we will finally see snow piling up on rocks and other objects, so huzzah for that anyways! (Snow in general seems like it’ll just be a material-like overlay though, nothing physically new to stand on after a snowstorm (unless water freezes?)).

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Snow just being an overlay is why I mentioned snow drifts, it should have some affect on gameplay.

Fine I’ll edit it with this as a template.

Quite a lot, but it’s pretty interesting

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