Two glitches in one

I joined a map that wasn’t mine for the first time and I saw these 2 glitches:

Edit: the same raising thing happens to glass that’s map spawned


The first one isnt a bug for clarification, its at most poorly worded, but I dont know enough to explain the second one/have a fix for it

There has been a whole discussion in this forum about the first one.
Second one was reported. It started to happen after unturned upgraded its game engine.

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I literally just reported this. Nelson please fix? This bug makes the game LITERALLY unplayable and I cant even look at this graphic option with respect until it’s 100% fixed.

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I understand the frustration, but isn’t calling it unplayable a bit of an exaggeration? I honestly feel like gamers misuse that term more and more nowadays. I’ve actually been aware of this for the longest time, I just never thought twice about it, why does it make it unplayable to you? I’m genuinely curious.

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“Unplayable” is meant as a joke, although I’m not 100% certain in this case

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Those glitches happened to me too like 2 times already

Terrain transition is the direct transition between two or more materials. The transition itself is visible along their borders. The shape itself comes from the image that is used as the material, where the more you turn up material transition in the editor, the less opaque the transparent parts of the image become. An example of this can be found on Hawaii’s beaches and the areas on Russia where the leaves turn into grass. Turning it off creates the gradient, removing the transition. I do understand the confusion though.

Material Transition on Russia

Material Transition on Hawaii


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