Two weapons holding

Ability to hold two one handed weapons at the same time.


Is listed on the trello already.

Go to the website on a pc
Akimbo weapons are already in the trello
Literally word-for-word as you said it. Dual One-handed weapons
It’s in “Equipment”

you can clearly see the beginning of another list on the right edge of the screen, implying there’s more to the page

do you have any cognitive functions, sir

There are already akimbo guns on the workshop, take some time before writing trash forum posts.

The Workshop is never a substitute for official content. Official can coexist with the Workshop. Just because something can exist on the Workshop doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be an official (and more mechanically stable) implementation of it into the base game.

Continuing off of that: the Workshop has limitations. These “akimbo guns on the workshop” is, in all of its functionality, the same as holding one gun. There is no real difference between the two, and is entirely aesthetic beyond statistical values assigned to the gun (as normal with all items).

Furthermore, the Workshop exists for Unturned 3. Although it is incredibly (and in my opinion, undoubtably) likely for Unturned support custom content in Unturned 4.x, not everything will be 1:1. What is in the Workshop now (and what is in the game now) is not precisely what we could see done in Unturned 4.x, although it is a good thing to base concepts on for reference.

I unfortunately feel your recent posts on the Forum have more of insults than feedback regarding the idea. The original post does personally irk me because it contributes no additional feedback beyond assumed approval to something already noted on the Trello. However, whether or not something can be modded into the game shouldn’t be a reason to call a post trash. I can create any map of any location on the Workshop, but that doesn’t mean the game should stop receiving updates related to maps. Someone could create modules that add horde mode, or a minimap, but that doesn’t mean those should no longer be possibilities.

For anyone who hasn’t read the original source from Trello: “singlehanded items can be dual-wielded at a penalty” is what is written down under one of the cards’ description section.

Nobody has mentioned it yet, but what’s the stereotypical penalties of that?

  • +recoil
  • -accuracy
  • ???

What about when it’s just one gun and something else?

Do people even like the idea of dual-handed combat / dual-handed anything?


Honestly this would just be a way to mess around, although I think holding a pistol with a knife could come in handy.

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My reasoning behind calling it a trash post is because it provides no insight on duel wielding weapons all it literally says “duel wielding weapons”, perhaps if it was a discussion I wouldn’t call it trash. I’m not here to write paragraphs on paragraphs.

Please attempt to be more polite in your posts. There is absolutely no reason to be rude. If the OP doesn’t elaborate on the subject, then expand for them with the others. If you do not wish to do so, then don’t post on the subject.

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Pistol + knife would be interesting since it’d essentially be a bayonet for any one-handed weapon. Not sure about the balance of something like that, though.

If it works for all one-handed items, then I assume ADS and power attacks would be impossible when dual-wielding. If it’s just for guns, then maybe it’d be a special reload animation that reloads both together, ADS is still possible, and it’s basically just the same thing as what mods can do at the moment.

I kinda like the idea of just doing it for knives and handguns, to be honest. If melee is going to be revamped then this would help not only make some melees more useful than other alternatives, it would also help handguns a bit. With less possible combinations of items, it’s easier to balance.


hold 2 cobras will be OP but great :blush:

Maybe there could be an expensive skill… @adacapek It could be like in Minecraft… not two weapons at the same time!

i dont know what is in minecraft but i think it will be great to has 2 guns at the same time (with more recoil and 2x fire rate

Yes, but much slower reload… because it’s realistic and not so overpowered. And only semi automatic. Full automatic gun you cant hold with one hand, if you want to aim too.

So what you’re trying to say is that it should increase reload times, and recoil?

It should decrease accuracy, increase recoil, and double, if not triple, reload speeds. That’d be the most realistic way to balance it at double the fire rate.

You mean double the reload times, not reload speed right?

It’s essentially the same thing. Either way reloading two guns at disadvatage due to the akimbo aspect will lengthen the time it takes for you to reload a single firearm, times two for the both of 'em.

Doubling reload speed sounds like it’s twice as fast, (I’ve heard it used either way) so I just wanted to make sure.