Typo Found


this typo:

You can find it here.

have a nice day


Pretty sure that’s fine
EDIT: I have now realized that the type is “thirdy” thanks to n3rfcr4zy5

It’s not that important nor worth fixing

“Third party” should be hyphenated when it is a modifier. In this case, it is modifying “modules” as an adjective, so it should be hyphenated as “third-party”. There is no typo, and even if there was, it’s such a minuscule thing that barely makes a difference in how its read.

EDIT: I just realized I’m an idiot and it says “Thirdy-party” and the hyphen wasn’t the issue you were having. Still, it’s really not that big of an issue to bring attention to it so.


hi guys i know this isnt important but i just wanted to point it out

when will we fix all these miniscule problems?

This original issue the thread was pointing out was fixed ~24 hours ago.