U2 pure concept APC vehicle

So, I’ve been working on a concept APC for U2 for a few days now and I’m finally ready to show it.
Definetly tell me what you think. I might do another design if I get some interesting suggestions,
so don’t be afraid to request a vehicle aswell.

It has an interior whit doors, optics, firing ports, hatches and a mount for a machine gun etc. Most things that are realisticly needed for U2 (I made a fuel lid aswell lol). I won’t get into the depths of the gameplay but it is should be expenisve to maintain and has of course weakspots, like tires, the optics that are under roof level (all glass optics are easily taken out by bullets so you can blind the vehicle), radiator, and the engine exhaust on the side (and fuel lid?) It’s based of a canadian designed vehicle whit some other small things from other real vehicles. Oh, and it’s amphibious aswell whit a deployable plate for crossing larger bodies of water.

Tell me what you think about it!

Edit: Thanks for all the positive comments and suggestions to improve it! My work definetly feels paid off!


Looks cool

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Yeah it looks cool.

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very coooooooool

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VARY VARY VARY VARY VARY NICE and instad of posting alot of pics just uploade ur model to sketchfab then post it her so pepole can have full 3d view …

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Can’t lie, this a pretty good apc And if Nelson does not want it and you have more vehicles, when unturned 2 comes out how bout you make a mod outta dat


Looks very good man!
Great work :ok_hand:


I think it looks interesting but some areas definitely need some work. First of all, you need to go through and thicken a ton of area. In the 9th picture we can see how thin the roof is, by unturned standards it might as well be paper. Also this might just be your lighting but the floor and ceiling would look nicer with a different texture than the walls.


Amazing :smiley:

Btw if vehicle looks like this in UII like I hope they do, The character should get lore detailed too! Srsly it wont fit in with the rest of ghe game if it still will look like a block D: it needs to evolve to the same level as the rest of the game :smiley: like look at the game it looks amazing :smiley: then the character which is pretty sad according to me :frowning: no offence :):

But the apc model, amazing! Plz make more models :smiley:

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Looks good, but since we only have one vehicle for reference RN, I can’t tell if it’s too detailed or not.

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Very good, I imagine an animation in which the character on and enters the hatch.

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I could get some areas thiccend up np. Also most apc’s interiors seem to have the same color on the roof as the walls as far as I’ve seen, but yea the floor probaly needs another surface tho.

Heres two small changes I made:

I added an outline around the hatches so they apear thicker. Because of the topology of the roof it would be difficult to thicken it without causing a little distortion. I also gave the floor a little darker surface to separate it a little visualy.


Insane model :o , i love it .
Keep up for good work .
Is it based on a real design ?

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that an LAV or a Bison?

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The tan seats really doesn’t match with the rest of the vehicle, not sure if I like that.


That is just an excellent design. I love how detailed the exterior and the interior is.
How long did it take for you to make this?

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Pssst You giving classes, just joking XD still that’s some of the best detail I’ve seen in a vehicle so far

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It’s based of the AVGP Couger.


What color would you like lol


A little less then a week working now and then.

Looks good, real nice model. Something like this but with tracks could be cool.

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