UII Emblems / Clothing Customization Idea


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Guess we cant agree on a proper way to spell sensei


I don’t really see how this game will be as pixelated anymore, it would just limit a lot of things for Nelson.
I think the game will stay lowish poly, but will much better quality than 3.0
With UE4 you can completly change the game with modding anyway
Someone will probably even change the character model itself to maybe something more realistic or just import some crappy mmd models.


I really like the idea of emblems! However, a lot of people would create innapropriate emblems if you are able to edit emblems with full control and customization. I suggest, that you can *earn yourself some shapes, colours, … for emblems. This would at least limit the people having innapropriate emblems.

*You could earn these shapes / colours by completing achievements, killing zombies (they would drop rarely and only once until you picked them up), … . People who played this game a lot would get rewarded and can show off their ‘prestige’ in a way :smiley: .

Edit: sorry if I wrote some words wrong, English isn’t my mother language^^.


I’d suggest reading the entire thread, your ideas are pretty much there.


I’ve read the thread, the only idea, that was already mentioned was with getting emblems through achievements. Maybe I missread something, but did someone mentioned earnable shapes/colours? If yes, then Iam really sorry.


It doesn’t seem like I have the option to edit my post, so I suppose I’ll put it here

Similar idea and topic of patches or other things having independent, customize-able textures or audio