UII Suggestion Dump

General suggestions that are to short for their own post but I wanted to share them anyway.

Recoil Patterns

I think instead of every weapon having a distinct recoil pattern, they should be more generalized to the weapon type and/or caliber. What I mean is that every assault rifle in the same caliber should have the same recoil pattern, every SMG in 9mm would have the same recoil pattern, but SMGs in .45 ACP would have a different one. On top of that, each recoil pattern should be scalable, so some SMGs in 9mm will have a bigger recoil than others. (Ooh, maybe have some XYZ controllers to scale the recoil vertically and horizontally, while the Z controller would skew it in different directions??)

Maybe you could also separate recoil patterns by country, (so SMGs from Russia will fire differently from SMGs from 'Murica) so that more weapons require skill and have their own feeling.
If a weapon is distinct enough (like the minigun or an automatic railigun) they should probably have their own unique recoil patterns.

Leveling/XP Systems

I honestly think this should just be ditched entirely. It’s not only a way for more powerful players to be more powerful, but it doesn’t incentivise anything. You shouldn’t grind animals, or trees for XP, and zombies should probably be akin to obstacles more than anything. How many times do we run into a town with a baseball bat, round up all the zombies in a nice horde, and bash their heads in while running in circles? Yeah, I guess it’s sort of fun, but It’s less fun when you die and have to do it again.

Stamina and Melee

I think stamina should also be removed, or at least used for something else than running and jumping, especially now that mantling will be added. This is just a really irritating stat and it’s always the first thing people max out in U3, because constantly running out of stamina is annoying. If advanced melee was to be added, stamina could be used there, and balance it so you can run for a long time, and jumping/mantling doesn’t cost any stamina.

Talking about melee now, this has been discussed a lot, I just want to share my dollar on how I wish ADVANCED combat would work, but only if UII has a greater emphasis on melee than guns, in any other case, melee should be kept super simple, because everyone will pick a gun over a hammer. Depending on how long you hold your mouse button, the arm would do a different attack, let’s focus on hand-to-hand combat. If I click LMB you get a normal punch, If I hold it for a little longer, I get an uppercut, and if it hold for even longer I would do a hook. All the attacks take the same amount of time to finish, take the same amount of stamina, and you can punch with one arm at a time. If you hold LMB and RMB you block, If you click LMB and RMB you do a shove.
While blocking you should be forced into first person, because it obstructs your view, and it should have a very precise hitbox, so that when you have a hook goin’ on you, you better turn to where it’s coming from. If you hold your block for too long, you can get uppercut which basically breaks your block, takes your stamina and “dazes” you for a while so that the opponent can get a hit for free.


Obviously have different types of zombies, but also make zombies generally stronger, as I said, they should be avoided more than attacked. What comes to my mind though is this post.

the model was easy to make, I just scaled the arms and it looks like the tank and the charger from l4d, but special zombies like this are 10x better than ones with fire particles coming out of their bumholes.


My Suggestions for Unturned II (A few will be recycled)
Note: It should be noticed that most of these are quality of life and or aesthetic and should be low priority updates.

  • Customizable Flags and Banners. Don’t really care if an edgy trog wants to do haha me make funni pinwheel flag but it could be like a custom in game system where you draw a flag or drag a png or jpg file and put it on the flag. I think it would be pretty neat. The current flag in Unturned is ugly as all hell and you can’t even make it a proper flag. It’s just a plastic sheet and a pole essentially.
  • More building materials like stone bricks, stone, etc. I want to be able to build a god damn castle if I want to.
  • More structure types whether it be circular, oval, or whatever. I want to be able to build a medieval castle in the way that I want it to be, the more unique player made structures where ever possible the better. I want to be able to customize the interior walls to make it look nice on the inside.
  • More furniture whether it be industrial or pre-industrial. It would be rather cool to see people in servers proclaim themselves as the King of a server.
  • Dyes & Paint, this is a meme at this point but I want to be able to paint the exterior of my house to make it look nice, or even paint my car a custom color.
  • Candles and Lanterns (go figure)
  • Craftable & customizable clothing. I think it would be cool if someone lived a self-sufficient life in the forest like our old friend Uncle Ted.
  • Animals you can ride on or even domesticate for food production. Pigs, cows, chickens, horses. All can be used for both resources or be able to ride it in the case of the horse. You’ll still need to feed the animals
  • New vehicle armor system. Let’s face it I don’t think tanks should be taken out by what is essentially a Squad Automatic Weapon but to balance this out tanks should be extraordinarily rare. It’s why I believe that tanks in their current state are completely useless.
  • The ability to make your own in game meals. Sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, various soups and stews, etc.
  • Weapons emplacements, or a system that allows for weapons emplacement mods. You could stick an M2 Browning on a truck or what not.
  • Zeus NPC control system. For use in multiplayer, would be very useful for both Military Sim servers like Nordic RP for battles or even machinimas and people wouldn’t have to rely on a few in game actors as much. Or even a massive zombie horde or a bandit event that the players will have to join together or die divided.
  • Sandbox Survival or Sandbox Mode. This one I got the idea from playing Project Zomboid. But instead this is more focused on the sandbox mode what types of zombies do you want. You could get Night of the Living Dead zombies, 28 Days Later zombies, Left 4 Dead 2 zombies, super human zombies, etc. In unturned we already have this to some extent but I think Zomboid is more customizable.
  • Reputation among NPCs being useful. Negative reputation makes most NPCs living in safe zones or evac points dislike you while going to a bandit base they will accept you as long as you don’t shoot them.
  • Outbreak Game Mode. Either do specific tasks to get money and prepare before the first zombie infections start the SHTF scenario. Or just go your daily life tasks until zombies arrive and loot shit and get out of dodge. Would certainly make for an interesting game mode and would be unique among zombie games.
  • The ability to mod the absolute fuck out of Unturned II. With Elver taking the game to it’s absolute limit, it’s time to increase the ability of modders to take the game to it’s limit again. The new limits for UII will need to be higher than the original Unturned.

Fine ideas, I like the idea of overhauling the stamina system. I believe stamina should still have a bar, but it should be small at the bottom left corner of the screen. Once your bar is drained, you’ll still be able to run, but not as fast as if it were full. Bar could be affected by weight and whether you’re running, jumping, vaulting, swimming, or changing stance (crouch, prone, standing, etc.). The lower your stamina bar, the more sway your guns will have. Should you push yourself by draining the bar entirely and continuing on, the sway will be very difficult to control and your vision will temporarily worsen for as long as you keep running/whatever you’re doing to drain the already empty bar. This would be akin to the stamina bar system seen in Red Orchestra 2.

On the topic of melee, I agree with such suggestions and also believe this should be present in guns and bayonets. Such as seen in my old post about bayonet charges and such.

One other suggestion is the addition of diving. Simply put, if you are running and suddenly prone, your character dives to hit the deck and lay prone.

One small final suggestion I have is crouch running. Self explanatory, this allows you to run while crouched, reducing your chance of gearing shot, but wouldn’t be as fast as running normally.


Unturned II still seems to be in its infancy, and I believe their are a few details, mostly PVE related, that could be expanded on, some have already been suggested on some of my posts but I believe that i can also post those here.

Character Customisation (most likely i’ll make a post on that one at some point)

  • [Basic Customisation] If there is something that i want to see in Unturned II, it’s a bigger variety of basic character customisation details (more haircuts for both men & women character, more facial hair, ability to edit the facial traits (custom eyes colours & appearance, custom mouth plus some details like wrinkles, freckles or scars to give the character an unique look)

  • [Advanced Customisation] Another point where i am looking for an improvement is for a wider selection of bigger apparence traits (notably a few premade in-game models that depict different variations for a character (mainly a more feminine looking character & perhaps a few variations of sizes & corpulence which can maybe bring an optional challenge on harder difficulties (athletic & tall players might need more food for example, but could have an advantage in some aspects, the least would be to have a more feminine model).

Health (Yet another topic on which i’ll likely expand at some point, and also PVE related).

  • [Basic Illness] The game could also bring some basic illness (such as cough, flu, eye irritation or headache which can be triggered by various reasons) which can have an influence on the player, having an headache could make the crafting time longer for example while cough could alert zombies, animals, npc’s and players, this is something that could be turned off on easier difficulties but that could bring more challenge

  • [Advanced Illness] By advanced illness, i mean more problematic illness that would be more bothering to the player & which would mainly be in the hardest difficulties, such as conjunctivitis which would greatly reduce a player visual capacity unless treated with eye drops. things such as cancer or heart diseases should meanwhile stay out of the base game and only be possible with mods.

  • [Allergies] Most likely a weird suggestions that could be a bit controversial but the ability to add in the [character] tabs allergies (basic ones only like milk or honey) to a character might be nice for those looking to spicen their game, in-game, they would not kill the player in any way but rather bring some of the previous illness mentionned (cough, eye irritation, etc…). And to be honest, I always wanted to have a player in-game able to be to catch sickness, I feel like it’s an addition that could bring much.
    In the same category, it would be interesting if we could edit the [character] part to make our character blind, deaf or mute or to lower its view & audition level, it would make for a challenging addition (and characters by defaults would have no such defect, but perhaps that could allow some server to have a character randomizer that randomly create a character the player has to play with.)

  • [Hygiene] A minor aspect of the game that could influe on how far you are detected by animals but also on how likely you are to get an infection in-game. However, this is something that should be fairly easy to manage (using a soap, a shampoo or a toothbrush item could be enough to gain hygiene) and i dont see it being more than a new bar.


  • [Trees & Plants] This is a suggestion that I already posted so i wont expand a lot but better depiction of plants & more uses of those is a must, by far one of the most important needs in-game imo.

  • [Animals] This is yet another suggestion that i’ll likely post at some point. In-game, animals should be depicted better with fishes, birds, reptiles, etc… and different of diets among animals (perhaps some maps could have scavenger birds that tries to steal your freshly hunted animals)

  • [Better looking landscapes] This is quite self-explanatory but on some maps, there is the possibility to make some awesome landscapes and it would be an awesome thing.

  • [Winds & Waves] Yet something else that is needed, waves might be a bit harder to add


  • [Sailboats, sailboards & wind based transport] self explanatory

  • [Stamina based transport] self explanatory, an awesome post was made about that in addition (i’d also like to see skis added which could maybe be harder on steep slopes (would be nice for an alps map)

  • [Support for homing projectiles] Both F&F and Guided


  • [Different maps at various stages of the infections] Having some map focusing on the post-infection situation, other focusing on the on-going infection (with standing humans strongholds) & others happening much later with mostly ruins of civilisation could be something nice, and assuming new pve / survival content gets added, it could even be possible to add maps devoid of turned and instead focusing purely on survival

  • [Darkness of the situation] Unexploded ordinances, radios & stereo broadcasting SOS and other immersions details would be needed on some maps to bring the feeling of a post-apocalyptic map.

and also many more ideas i have yet to think of


I don’t think making the game complicated with all sorts of mechanics is the way to go, Unturned became popular because of it’s utter simplicity.
To be honest, I don’t see anything added frorm the “Health” category to be fun. The ideas aren’t bad, but they don’t bring any interesting gameplay opportunities, and they would make the game a hassle to deal with.
It wouldn’t be fun to sneak around ten million zombies with 1hp and a shit ton of gear, just for your character to sneeze because he has a dust allergy, or cough because you are naked in the winter, and for you to die with all your shit. The Hygiene part especially sucks, I’d hate to have to brush my teeth and wash myself with shampoo…

I can only see stuff like the coughing and eye irritation to be a result of radiation in deadzones, as a punishment for not having a gas mask. That could actually be pretty intense, I guess almost dying is also pretty intense, but making it easier to die, I think would be way more intense than just dying. Obviously you’d still loose health, but much more gradually.

But even more honestly, everything else (with the exception of “Advanced Customisation”) is great! I would especially love to see more stamina based transport. Bikes in U3 are kind of a joke, having them done properly in UII would be really nice. Even adding something like a waterbike would be cool, stamina-based water transport…

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My point was that those diseases would not kill you but rather be more like a debuff than a punishment. As for diseases and stuff, it’s something that I would like to see on the hardest difficulties but I wouldn’t agree either if they were a thing on all difficulties. (Based on personal experience, I had much more fun in hardcore games than in overly easy ones, and I do hope such sicknesses and debuffs could be turned off in the settings for those looking for a chill game.)

For you dude to say “FRAG OUT” when you throw a nade.

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