Unturned 2 and BattlEye

I would like to start off this post by saying BattlEye is the worst anti-cheat I have ever known and causes me cancer beyond belief. So Unturned 2 should use a different anti-cheat - I nominate Easy Anticheat; for the games that use it (a long list) have 0 hackers (from my playtime). BattlEye however focuses more on stopping people playing the game from VMs than actually stopping hackers, and often will crash and burn, whether it stops responding or doesn’t install.

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Every anti cheat out there is equally terrible.

It’s all a matter of proper implementation and securing your game while you make it.


I agree, battleye is really bad

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I haven’t seen any cheater, ngl. And I have seen a lot on other games where they say their anti-cheat is the best.

I definitely don’t have complaints about BattlEye from my experience, but Rust gets rid of cheater really fast and when you do encounter one, you can expect him to be banned within 3 hours to 24 hours at most. Squad is also running Easy Anticheat and it’s pretty decent. But i definitely don’t get the complains for BattlEye. All the complains i see is a plain: “It’s just bad” which isn’t saying much, obviously.

Nelsons BE implementation is objectively shit

Patrick, I…
I do agree to, EAC would be better than BE.

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but it’s been ages since i’ve encountered a hacker in game, that should mean battleye works right?

Patrolling the Mojave makes you want to wish for a nuclear winter.

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Bull schnit. Absolute bull schnit.
The anticheat for Skillwarz (a no-name game for the most part) has less hackers than BattlEye. Sabreclaw anticheat (for Hired Ops and Contract Wars) has no hackers. Easy AntiCheat has 0 hackers. BattlEye itself maybe the best anticheat ever, but what is defined as cheats to BattlEye is absolute garbage. They spend their time banning people for code that makes the game compatible for different OSes, preventing the use of VMs to play the game and the bloody crash and installation issues for BattlEye all make BattlEye the most horrible, cancerous anticheat by far.

Then you haven’t been playing.

Because it is. It is absolute crap.

Thank you kindly.

It means hacking in Unturned has been done so fucking much that people no longer reap entertainment from it.

Niche games with niche anti-cheats are a bad example, even worse when there’s reports of cheaters in that generic shooter game

‘No hackers’ is a pretty bold claim considering popular games with EAC have suffered from hackers the same way popular games with BE have hackers.

Although I can guess this post is just an exaggerated sales pitch to get EAC but knowing that every anti-cheat has its own negative history I believe Nelson would make his own choice regardless

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I’m pretty sure I’ve been playing longer than you

They have their hackers, true. But there is no way in hell it was as bad as it was/is in 3.X.

Lmao people saying battle eye is shit? All of them are shit, its the developers job to implement them correctly as mentioned above. Rust uses easy anti cheat, and you see hackers pretty feckin often because its a popular game. Unturned uses BE, and it also has cheaters, I’ve even run into a few myself in the last couple of months. Then take a small game that no one knows about, obviously cheaters wont be as prevalent, because there isnt a big enough market for developers to spend time making cheats for a game with like 100 players

TLDR: If you got killed by a hacker, get over it

Dismissing a comment with low effort just proves it. Playing from virtual machines has no benefit. The only thing they can try to do, is subvert the hardware ID and IP bands that BattlEye dishes out from the VM, which is cheating in itself.
It’s very difficult to distinguish cheat injection with code that helps the game run. Same with other modified or added files. If it’s external code that is not shipped with the game, BattlEye doesn’t care. And not a single Anticheat CAN care, because distinguishing cheating from compatibility is something that only a human can do at this stage and having humans manually review every red flag from BattlEye is ridiculous. To avoid any of those things, you use the Workshop. Like every other mod-friendly game that runs BattlEye, because the Workshop mods are Whitelisted. As for the crashes and installation issues, that’s fixable with patches. They’ve been doing that for years now. Every anticheat has hiccups, don’t try to act like Easy Anticheat is totally flawless and BattlEye is the only anticheat that crashes.

But still going “it’s bad cuz it’s bad, mm’kay” is the 2nd most childish argument, next to “if you don’t like X, then make X better yourself”. Dismissing people that don’t agree with you and going “Thank you very much” to the person that agrees with you is really stupid, as well. If you’re going to put up a complaint for something, be ready to have people disagree. That’s how forums work.

And the examples you’ve given are debunking themselves. If you have games that go under the radar, of course you won’t have that many cheaters. You can’t have 1000 cheaters in a game with 500 players, it’s obvious. That’s the reason why you’ll see more cheaters in R6 Siege (BattlEye) than Unturned (also with BattlEye). Popular games are popular to cheat in.

And no, i’m pretty sure that cheaters are not getting bored from cheating in a game that’s essentially “full of little kids”, people love to “shit on little kids lol” in games like Unturned. The reason why Syero doesn’t encounter cheaters, is because A) BattlEye is working or B) Nobody is putting in effort into subverting BattlEye, which also means that BattlEye is working.

That being said, implementation is key. Just because Facepunch have implemented Easy Anticheat in Rust, doesn’t mean that every game will run great with Easy Anticheat. Vice versa for BattlEye or any other Anticheat.

I just get the impression that you got stomped on by a cheater and decided that this 1 instance that made you rage is the straw that broke the camel’s back and therefore- BattlEye bad, mmm’kay ?


Well, honestly, I can say that I have encountered many cheaters in vanilla. Probably some people say that BattlEye is bad because it is. But if I had to ask myself if it really is bad, I would say yes, because countless times, on servers protected by VAC and BattlEye, I have been killed after logging 1 whole hour by a naked person with a PWD (honey badger) that apparently is able to kill you with one shot. Or by the classic hack where the ground fills up with bullets and your whole squad dies.
I have no idea if Easy Anticheat will be better or not, we would have to see, but what I do know, is that I have encountered several hacks throughout the time I have played Unturned. But I have to say that in remote times, I haven’t encountered many. Rather than saying that the anticheat is working better, I would say that people are getting bored of hacking the game. Besides, there are servers where you can pay to get a “/kit raid”. it’s getting pretty sad.
I would just like to travel to a future where Unturned 2 is being developed.

ah, so we don’t need an anti-cheat anymore, right?

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So if I want to play my games on Windows while I’m on my Linux setup, I can’t use a VM to access it? To circumvent the bans BattlEye dishes out you can easily just input some code into the system console; WHICH IS WAY EASIER AND MORE WIDESPREAD THAN VM USAGE.


Yes. You can use WINE instead. It’s works well without having to use a VM. Only exception for this, is if you want to play Windows Store games. UWPs like the Forza games.
And if it doesn’t work with WINE, use a VM instead. And if BattlEye universally doesn’t like VMs, tough luck. Your option then is to get another drive with Windows on it and play from that, if you REALLY want to play a BattlEye game that causes issues with VMs and Linux.

Unless Nelson himself decides to use a different Anticheat for Unturned, nothing’s going to change.

For Steam games, Proton works very well with giving you everything you need to play most of them. ProtonDB lets you look up what games are compatible and to what extent as well.

I don’t know what BattlEye games this affects but I know for a fact it isn’t universal. I can run Unturned in my Windows VM with no issues, although the bugs affecting the Linux version specifically were fixed so I have no reason to.

I’ve heard that anti-cheats can’t see into the host computer controlling the virtual machine, meaning there’s a vulnerability from any hacks installed there. It doesn’t have a benefit for normal players, but it can have a benefit for cheaters.

Developing a game isn’t easy; especially with what Nelson is going for. There’s plenty of other games to play in the mean time.

You can partition drives that you already have and put Windows on a partition. You don’t necessarily need to get a new drive.