Unturned 2020

I have a theory that the game WILL still be able to come out in 2020. what do you think? I think that in the summer of 2020.
If it does come out in 2020, then I will: Unturned Cyberpunk Role play

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If Unturned II comes out in 2020 I’ll buy you a bottle of 1937 Glenfiddich Rare Collection single malt Scotch.


He is underaged, just get him a diet coke.


No he is drug hill he cool becuz he dos lotes of drugs

i am funi man bc i inglich bad


Trump 2020


Your Theory is likely true considering how much we have.
We almost have everything for a basic survival mode
we’ll probably have a public build of the game somewhere in between late 2020 and early 2021.

If unturned 2 comes out in 2020, I will wear an actual tophat
hell maybe even make real uncertified Pesky’s antibiotics


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An orange vanilla diet coke, yes.



Yes,probably in 2020 the first version open.

That’s the dream my friend. I just want to be able to play a “meh” version before 2019 ends.

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Boris Johnson bad man

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u tell me when and where and I come too.

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