Unturned 2024 Survey

Edit: The survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! I intend to share the results relatively soon.

If you have a few minutes, I’d appreciate your input on this survey! The goal is to collect feedback on what the Unturned community is most interested in seeing in 2024: https://forms.gle/Fv4guTqb5ApacQbM9


Hey, I think an additional thing that you 100% need to think of is to hire a team for Unturned, I don’t even say to go too far away and hire real people from LinkedIn/Freelance, try to look up GitHub issues, Unturned Community, I also would suggest making a form for people who want to be hired in Unturned, because all people from Unturned Community already familiar with the actual community of the game and the code itself, if you will hire people who are not from Unturned Community they will need about 1-2 years to just the society, to feel that things, I also guess the code will change a lot so it will be a lot of harder who these guys

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Those were the hardest decisions of my life.


Nelson has stated numerous times he doesn’t want to be a manager, it isn’t not enough people that’s the issue it’s him working on wrong things that’s the issue, he could be focusing on things that are a lot more “bang for your buck” in terms of effort and game impact. In my opinion said impact has been minor overall yet also mostly negative and recent updates have just worsened the game.

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He’s stated before that he doesn’t want to be a manager. And that’s fair. However, I do agree that a game like Unturned needs more than one dude working on it to reach it’s full potential.

Honestly, giving us more access to the source code and making a system where community members can send in fixes or addons to the game for Nelson to potentially add would be one of the best moves. Though, It could be a bit annoying to search through the whole fix/addon to make sure there’s no malware or breakages. I can also see why he wouldn’t want to do this as it could feel a bit like managing.

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I’d like to point out that we do have a considerable amount of access to the source code, even if it is decompiled, thanks to the Unturned-Datamining repository on GitHub. As for allowing community members to send in actual changes, it would likely be chaotic in regard to copyright and aligning to Nelson’s own ideals and principles for the game. I’d assume most changes to the game code submitted by community members would have to be extensively reviewed before being merged.


I don’t think open sourcing some of the game or whatever people want would make too much of a difference for 95% of people as a lot of things that would make the game better for everyone could simply be done in .dat files or the map editor

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he knows me


as an occasional car surfer walking on vehicles would be so awesome

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Great news and I really like this survey, however you may have missed that people didn’t like the new server browser

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If you don’t like the new browser, you can click the “Simple Presets” (I think) button on the bottom to get the old look back

Good ideas, lot of things interesting on the survey, I am especially curious about the projectiles rewrite, what do you have in mind for that? guided (f&f, manually guided) projectiles?

I’d also find it interesting to see support for dual barrel weapons, there is a fair amount of ways it could be useful.

Anyway, i find that survey to be a really good idea, most of those ideas are quite good.

I would add to movement that being able to implement new movements options would be nice: rideable animals, sail (it’s something I have been waiting for a while for boats), gliding, loss of control (when a vehicle goes fast and it’s raining) and so on… I also remember a suggestion for Unturned 2 giving ideas for human powered transport (Human Powered Transport - A Mega-Suggestion) and I think it’s really something that could get an update since the existing system is fairly simple.

I don’t really know about feasibility, is there anything of the kind envisioned or would that be too complicated for Unturned ? I imagine it would be quite time consuming of course. @SDGNelson

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Doesn’t change that the new server browser is horrible. There were some good additions that people asked about (like map logos), but again, it turned out into “I have meticulously inspected the provided information and did everything in a completely opposite way”. People asked for a less cumbresome experience and got a million of tiny buttons with some goofy submenus instead. I connect directly by IP now.


Will you release the statistics on this form later? If not I think it would be a good idea.


a tracker for the speed of transport is very necessary to change the animation (for example, for the same animals, ships or fantastic walkers for scifi mods)

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If he doesn’t want to be a manager he still can hire a manager, the current problem I see in Unturned is that Nelson is scared to change anything in Unturned because it will break something (he also stated that in one of the GitHub issues when someone said about last weird crashes in Unturned after latest updates with Mic UI, Nelson said: “I would better not to touch anything” or smth like that of that similar things. Currently doesn’t matter which ideas everyone comes up with, open-source, new features, bug fixes, refactoring, doesn’t matter, we still hit the same wall, Nelson has a problem that he can’t change the code, because if he changes something somewhere else the same thing is hardcoded somewhere, so it will break everything, and no one will even know about that.

I probably agree with Nelson that he’s doing right by doing the game solo because once you give a bit of power to your product (in this case Unturned, the game) you will have more problems, however, depends on how you split the power between the team, on the other hand the price is losing whole game a probably all income?

Yes, I intend to release the survey results once it’s ended.

There are a few different features which spawn “projectiles” like zombie acid/boulder attacks, throwable items, rocket launchers, and airdrops. Currently, they rather naively only send the initial position, rotation, and velocity, and so the simulation gets out of sync. The plan would be to unify all of these systems and instead replicate the results from the server. At the outset this would also allow mod hooks to spawn projectiles (e.g., mortar launcher), and server code could modify the projectile trajectory in flight. Laser-guided projectiles might or might not be added alongside. (the main intention on my end would be fixing the desync and opening those possibilities)

You’re right that I did make a comment along those lines which I probably shouldn’t have. It wasn’t super serious and more so reflecting that it’s upsetting and stressful to release an update leading to new crashes and bugs.

I don’t think it’s accurate to say that I’m scared of changing the game, however. I’ve rewritten huge chunks of the game over the past years for the sake of long-term goals which are much bigger changes than slapping a few new features on top of a bad foundation. For example, adding underbarrel grenade launchers would probably seem like a big change to most players, but code-wise would be a relatively small change if I just hacked-in more duplicated projectile code to the gun class.

Immediately want to jump in because this kind of comment leads to misinformation. Next thing I know I’m seeing frustrating comments everywhere like “I heard the stupid dev is scared of changing the game, what an idiot.” I know that’s not your intention here. It’s just been depressing seeing that kind of comment more often - e.g., a certain toxic youtuber spreading negativity.


I’m not trying to say that you’re an idiot, I just tried my hope from the heart, I thought do I even need to answer any messages here or not for 4 days, and decided to answer, that you’re getting negativity is normal because its a problem, and if its a problem - the problem must be resolved, but that’s real because I’d also be scared (perhaps “scared” a bit wrong word, but its a complex and makes a lot negativity) to change code in such huge game, support for plugins, modding, vanilla

Sorry, I didn’t believe that you were. To clarify: My concern was that without further context some players might read it and post something similar elsewhere referencing it, and over time the message would be misconstrued.