Unturned 3.0 Summer MapJam

Welcome all to the Summer MapJam!

You have the month of August to create a Small/Tiny sized map (Survival/Arena) based around the theme of…


You are allowed to have a team of up to three people who must be listed as Steam Contributors on the workshop page of your submission.

After the month is over, we will pick out five maps and ask them to continue working and adjusting the map for one week only, before being judged for the placements…

Maps will be judged on…

  • Custom content.

    I.E new weapons, foliage/scenery, etc…

  • Variation of objects.

    You cannot use modded objects not made by you or your team. Objects made by Nelson or other curated teams are allowed, but you must specify what discontinued curated map objects have been used. You also cannot use objects you’ve made in the past. Please create new assets that fit the brief.

  • Unique concepts/ideas.

    New locations/premises to brawl or survive in, and unique ideas to create a fresh gameplay experience.

  • Solid design.

    How well designed your map is I.E does it contain excess compound, is it easy to understand and play, is it visually pleasing, etc.

Your judges are…






  • AnimaticFreak as a backup judge; in case any of the other judges cannot judge.

The Rewards? Custom Golden, Silver and Bronze trophy weapon skins that create custom ragdolls.

Submit your maps here.
The submission period is now over.

Cutoff date for all submissions is the 31st of August at 10:59 PM GMT.

Winners Post!


Oh god not again, why do you unconvientaly place these when im deep into another map xD

Gl to everyone! :slight_smile:


Here we go again!

I’ll actually participate this time!


So beaches, lakesides, giant pools that span the entire map because why not. :wink: Bit vague, bit open. Pirates probably wouldn’t count.


Anyone want to join Justin and I needing a modler?

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This is gonna be fun and its got more time for working on stuff too. People think Florida when they think summer right?

And this is the best time in the middle of 2 projects :smiley:

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MmmmmmM , I would try this time
GL to everyone
Edit 1 : wait a sec , is the maps are restricted to look like in the summer ?
I mean I don’t have any problems but some people could like it

only 2 people are going to join right?
so I can slide in for third place

ɐɔᴉɹǝɯ∀ ɥʇnoS puɐ 'ɐɔᴉɹɟ∀ 'ɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ uᴉ ɹǝʇuᴉʍ s,ʇᴉ ʇnq

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Looking forward to this one! Just need to find a team.

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Map jam, aww maan

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What’s wrong? You more of a jelly person? Seriously though what’s the “aww maan” about?

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Don’t you know about the Creeper aww man
And wat da fuk does jelly person mean

I’ll see if I can set up a team this time. If not I’ll just use a couple curated map objects in an attempt to make a summer related map.

Or I won’t participate

Use Belgium :zipper_mouth_face: I’m definitely not promoting reverse russia

I theorize this is just a big plot for someone making a summer-time themed map to get more inspiration, thoughts, and ideas out of other users maps through a big contest with prizes.

thats just a crazy idea. :joy: