Unturned 3 vs Unturned 4 (CAR)

lol, I don’t recall my quote being in Romanian.

my bad, I solved!

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I’d just limit the amount of buildables you can place off of a car to 2. The first buildable would be directly connected to the car, and the second could be built on that first buildable. (This doesn’t mean that you’re limited to not using 2 buildables in total, you can use as many as you’d like).

That would allow you to place things all over your car without being able to extend anything further than 2 buildables from it. Thus preventing you from placing more than 1 set of spikes (place a plate and then set one group of spikes on it).

Alright, go stand in front of a car driving at 60 mph (95kmh) and then tell me with complete certainty that you won’t die.

As for an actual source https://www.google.com/amp/s/gizmodo.com/how-likely-you-are-to-get-killed-by-a-car-depending-on-1778993900/amp
This has a bunch of info including a chart that shows after 40mph (about 65kmh) half of all pedestrian accidents are fatal. Factor this into a zombie game where they have green, rotting, decayed bodies, I doubt that they’d survive in one piece.

As for the armored car style, that’s much more appealing. The Mad Max cars are just fictional, but armored cars are much closer to reality.

Pretty sure 100% of all deaths are fatal.

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Half of the accidents, my bad. Still you get the point. Cars are perfectly capable of killing zombies.

72% of stair accidents happen on the stairs

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Well if the zombies are anything like the walking dead, that won’t kill them.
Edit now that I think about it, twd zombies at this point in the series can be ripped apart with you bare hands, cause they are really rotten xd, well anyways, in twd, the zombies only die from a bow to the head.

I don’t watch the Walking dead, but clearly Unturned’s zombies aren’t like that. Through all previous games hitting a zombie with a car kills it and real life statistics back this up.

the front bar is to protect the car from the impact of the damage zombi (that’s what I mean)
however, impact should be reduced the speed
You can not kill many effective zombies if you do not have the front bar, blade!
I do not give much details!

As the others have said above, running over a zombie should kill it. An impact from a car is simply not survivable at sufficient speeds of 30 km/h or greater. It’s not a matter of pain or shock, but simple physics and force distribution.

The fact that you’re saying this is survivable is pretty absurd. (at least you got rid of the weird cars though)

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Turrets should stay on military vehicles… civi cars are not made for this lmao

It’s not unheard of for pickup trucks to have weapons mounted on their bed or over the cab, but autonomous turrets are almost nonexistent.

PKMs or a ZU AA gun on the back.

Disgusting lol.

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