Unturned 3 vs Unturned 4 (CAR)

Unturned 3

1 unrealistic
2 over power
3 easy to make
4 ruin the server
5 used against the players (only)

Unturned 4

1 scripted (front bumper, blade wheels, barricaded windows…)
2 scripted attached weapons (chainsaw, pistol, shootgun, smg, cannon…)

to balance:

Pro (+)
1 effective against zombies
2 speeding on the road
3 protection against small caliber bullets
4 personalization

Cons (-)
1 gasoline is rare
2 turret are bad accuracy (static, dinamic tourret…)
3 the turret are hp little
4 skating on the grass (low speed)
5 less damage road impact ( full speed- instant kill, less speed- less damage)
6 players can escape into the forest (hard to drive in the forest)
7 turret blueprint are so rare
8 car are vital points

Update EDIT 1

you mean you do not want to personalize your car
what kind of good it can look like

1 very cool
2 funny to kill zombies
3 the game has a lot of content
4 you can not put very long spikes on the side
5 nafing op (it’s worse than a 3.0 car spike)
6 turrets are already in the game

  • 1 armored car, with turrets + blades
  • 2 armored car, without turrets
  • 3 armored car, without turrets, without blades

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That also depens on the type of car tho. Mounted guns can overweight many types of vehicles.

That is true.

Player weight is going to be a thing (I want to say but can’t confirm that the more weight the slower you move). So it could very well be that vehicles too will add this into effect?

It would be nice to have some customization but nothing too insane you know? Something minor that does make an obvious difference.


has poll

no option for people who disagree with the suggestion entirely

ahem bias


Where’s my ‘these look absolutely fucking disguisting’ option?


We have military vehicles for turrets/cannons,0. Civillian cars should only be able to become somewhat bulletprrof making the military car better choices for combat and safety.


you mean you do not want to personalize your car?
what kind of good it can look like

1 very cool
2 funny to kill zombies
3 the game has a lot of content
4 you can not put very long spikes on the side
5 nafing op (it’s worse than a 3.0 car spike)
6 turrets are already in the game

The main reason behind your arguments are because it looks ‘cool’. What sane person would do this to a car, even in a zombie apocalypse. I’m sorry but you should bug a modder if you want any of this shit in 4.0, because it will definitely not be in there.

Next time you make a poll, I’d advise that you put an option there for people who DON’T want any of the features you suggested.


the dissagre option is number 3
you want naked (normal) car in a zombie apocalypse ?

normal car :

1 the game will look simplistic
2 nothing creative
3 it will not look like a true zombie apocalypse

Go play Mad Max or Crossout if you want to build a battle car so much.


It would be cool if you could make upgrades to your car, like maybe get one of those mechanic lifts for cars (don’t know the actual name), go under the car and maybe upgrade the parts or the wheels. Like maybe you’re planning on off-roading, you’d get wheels that have better grip and faster speed on off-road but go slower on the actual road.

I’d rather not have 4.x’s vehicles all look like Mad Max, and I don’t like the idea of turning vehicles into killing machines. Most combat should be player to player since vehicles would be rare and unfair for anyone who hasn’t located one. (This is contrary to
games such as Mad Max or Battlefield where vehicles are immediately granted to players). It’s best to encourage most combat be done through players, and to keep vehicles primarily for transportation and storage.

1 - 4.x will or won’t look simplistic based on everything, not vehicles alone. Vehicles would have a small impact on the overall look. Plus, a simplistic look is what 3.0 has, and frankly, it looks nice.

2 - Just because it’s creative doesn’t mean it should be in the game. Having chewing gum landmines everywhere by default would be creative, but I think we can both agree that it wouldn’t be good for 4.x. It’s must also work well with the game to be a good addition.

3 - We can’t define a “true” apocalypse. We can speculate all we want about what would really happen if zombies were rampant in the world, but we can never be certain. Additionally, I highly doubt that society would turn to creating these Mad Max styled vehicles.

Overall, it could be an interesting mod for 4.x, but as part of the Vanilla game I’d see it as a detrimental feature.


cars would only be effective on the road leaving the player a way out in the woods
I refer to pve (be fun to kill the piles of zombies)
however I said that gasoline would be rare (this will cause the car to be used seldom)
I would like a good car against the zombies but weak in the proper bullet of decent calibration

I proposed a ton of nerf

as seen, will be just good for zombies and not for players

Even in a PVE sense, running over zombies isn’t a challenge in any way and it doesn’t warrant fully converting your car into this thing from Mad Max.

Other methods of zombie killing should be encouraged rather than just mindlessly running them over. Melee weapons, guns, and traps. Using a car to run them over is the most blunt and boring way of killing a zombie.

And accessories like shotguns and chainsaws on the front would hardly be used. Why would you shoot or take the time to chainsaw a zombie when you can simply run them over?

I did not say it would be simple to kill zombies just like in 3.0
with a normal car should be impossible to kill 3 zombies

1 the front bar (knockback) (no instant zombi kill)
2 blade (cut legs, body members) (no instant zombi kill)
3 barbed wire ( zombies do not hang on the car) (no instant zombi kill)
4 shotgun (to kill the zombies that are on the hood of the car) (instant zombi kill)

it is better to be put into play and to be balanced than not to be at all
if the creator of the game thinks he is too op, he could change certain statuses (less hp, bullet proof, vital poinst …)

thanks for your attention my frend

I really don’t know what zombie games you’ve been playing, but nobody’s gonna put spikes and poles and all sorts of wonky goth shit on their car in a zombie apocalypse. I find it ridiculous that you’re comparing what is supposed to be a rather realistic game with what seems to be some mobile game with no regard for realism at all.

Also, what’s the point of a poll if you don’t respect the opinions if the community anyways? No matter how good you think your suggestion is, you have to accept that sometimes, people disagree with it.


Every post you’ve made is heavily biased. You add a poll and then react when people disagree with your ideas. You non stop argue your points, and frankly it’s quite annoying.

This is a forum. Expect to have opposing arguments, and accept them. Try to see where they are coming from.

As for my own opinion, there should be limited customization for vehicles, but nothing crazy and mad max styled.


Oh so we were all just supposed to assume that running over a zombie wouldn’t kill them anymore… :thinking:

If you hit a zombie with your car at a high speed it’s going to either die or fly out of your way. Turning your car into a mobile fortress is unnecessary and zombies shouldn’t be buffed just for this. A car on its own would easily be able to kill a zombie.

As for things like blades and barbed wire on the front, you’re right, those alone shouldn’t kill zombies (at low speeds). However their damage should be multiplied with the speed of the car making it very easy for them to kill zombies at a moderate speed.

Going back to your OP, small accessories like barbed wire, spikes, and blades would be nice (As it is currently working for 3.0). But full Mad Max styled bumper-shields, plows, and cages shouldn’t be implemented in 4.x keep it a survival game and not a Mad Max game. Keeping cars simple with a little customiation is preferable.

And no it’s not better to just include any idea like this. It must be a beneficial idea first, then Nelson can implement and balance it.

I think we can’t get to them :confused:

you should first solve the limit of the spike on car in 3.0 (nelson strange idea)
I just tried to improve and swing it in 4.0

a simple car jumping up and hitting a dog
a man is a much larger volume
if you do not have the front bar you can lose control of the cars (full speed)

with simple attachments agree

Attached scripts may have a limit (of corse)
Medieval exemple:
55C-Image War Chariot
Modern example:

I’ll delete the picture with crazy cars

vote number 2 for simple only with blades and wire

thx for vote!