Unturned 4 - Battle Royale Mod

Hello! This might seem funny and weird, but as soon as I heard that there are gonna be huge modding possibilities in Unturned 4, I decided to create a battle royale game mod for it :slight_smile:

Why is this weird? Mainly because Unturned 4 isn’t even released in any way, but that’s not stopping me from creating models and ideas for mechanics right now!

I’ve been meaning to create a battle royale game for a long time but all the projects I’ve made in the past were unsuccessful - I failed because this task was too much for someone with no game development experience whatsoever, but I’ve learned a lot.
Now - when I am able to create such game - there’s too much AAA competition, I couldn’t ever possibly compete against Fortnite or PUBG - but I still want to make my idea come true.

This is where Unturned 4 blasts in - with the new super flexible modding I am able to skip basic mechanics like character controller and shooting while creating only the necessary content.

Why am I even writing this thing? Is this just a dirty trailer of something that may never actually happen?
Not really. The main purpose is just to let you know that I am attempting to do this and that you can be a part of this whole thing too! I would love to hear your thoughts on this - the ideas and all the stuff I prepared or am preparing - and also any propositions and ideas!

You can follow the progress and see all the ideas on this Trello page: https://trello.com/b/S4O2OE13/comrade-games-u4

Let’s build this thing together :slight_smile:


Well if I recall it correctly, Nelson already has plans for arena/battle royale mod for 4.0 (Trello). But it still sounds like a good idea coming from you. Let’s hope it’s as good as all your previous Workshop contributions !

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I am with you man.(But please do not add TOO much stuff so people with low-end pc’s can enjoy your outstanding idea)
Anyways,good luck with the development of the project.:wink:

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That’s true but I believe he will be focusing on survival mostly and in the meanwhile I can work on my modification, this way the game will offer even more different content :slight_smile:
There will be a lot of stuff that will differentiate my mod from the base game since it’s gonna be fully focused on PvP plus it will offer exclusive content like new models, maps, vehicles and maybe later on some mechanics that I coded myself.
Thats what I love the most about 4.0 - the possibilities are endless!


I’ll try to keep it as similar to the main game as I can! It actually should run smoother considering that the maximum player limit will stay the same as on the normal servers and that there will be no zombies or AI in general.


Oh don’t worry, I totally understand that. But as stated in the Trello wishlist it won’t be a high priority, coming later during the development (most likely after it gets released, in early access?)


I always wanted a br game with zombies and the attachment system like in eft. If you die by a zombie you become one.


I was actually thinking about including zombies and animals in the world but it will have to wait till I actually see how this stuff looks like in Unreal Editor :wink:
I suppose it would be fun to play as a zombie after dying to zombies!


Do you plan on making all the content the mod uses from scratch just so you have full control over them, or are you going to use Unturned 4 assets/items too? (For example, 4 already has a MOLLE backpack.)

This. :arrow_double_up: Arena mode will likely return sometime far after survival mode and horde mode is fleshed out and respectful. It could end up coming after a “story mode,” if a story mode is still planned to exist at all by that point.

It seems weird to include zombies on a large scale map like that. I’m unsure if they’ll even have the navigation yet to properly scale such a thing, or if they’ll be stuck in horde mode during the beta release.

I’d suggest keeping most of your plans relevant to what will be available and easily feasible at the start of release though. Otherwise, the mod will more easily become a mess.


Most likely yes, I might use things like clothing, but these may get replaced later on. I really like modelling and making games was always my hobby so I’ll try to do as much myself as I can :slight_smile:

Everything depends on the size of the map and how navigation and AI will be handled by 4.0.
For now I’ll try to stick to pure PvP.

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Are there features you don’t have any plans to take advantage of then? For example, not using textile variation or reticle variation so gameplay feels more consistent with the mod (even if the different is only aesthetic)?

What about rigged items (including both clothing and guns)?

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Ah, I’ll surely use stuff like that, I want the mod to feel consistent with game’s gameplay but I also want players to get some fresh content that you can’t find in the vanilla game itself.
If by textile variation you mean randomized camos and stuff like that then I’m not completly decided on that yet, I kinda want to go for that old DayZ mod vibe where you felt so rewarded when you found that only M4 which had camo on it.

In the beginning I’m probably gonna stick to 4.0 clothing and maybe later on start adding my own.
@edit Ah, by rigged clothing you mean equipment, then yes, both equipment and weapons are gonna be completly new.

New guns and equipment that are exclusive for the mod are must have for me :slight_smile:


Correct, that is basically what I meant. Randomized pattern states (plaid, checkered, stripes, etc.) and color states (green, purple, black, blue, etc.) for textiles and randomized reticle states (chevron, dot, etc.) and color states for holographic sight variation.

By rigged I mean armatures for animated guns and soft body physics (jiggle bones) for stuff like hoodie strings and buckle straps.


As long as they are gonna be included in the game’s source and I can learn how to do them then why not :slight_smile:


Good modders are coming back to unturned :grinning: good luck with this project



Sounds awesome. I’ll bookmark the trello and check in on it every now and then.

I really enjoyed playing Playerunknown’s Battle Royale in Arma 3, so I look forward to there being a battle-royale mode in Unturned.

I see this going well in 4.0, and look forward to it. Good luck!


Would love to see it implemented as an official gamemode with matchmaking and (maybe?) rewards for winning


As a community mod when an arena mode is already planned, using custom content even when official content would exist, it wouldn’t become a “curated” game mode. However, that doesn’t mean Nelson (w/c/sh)ouldn’t borrow ideas from the mode.

For example, if the mode was balanced somewhat decently by Fiffe, then looking into that while developing an official arena mode would be a good idea.

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I would really love it to have official support with matchmaking and rewards but even if it doesn’t make it as a curated/official game mode in the end - I believe I would be able to implement rewards and maybe if Nelson makes it possible - matchmaking.

I’ll do my best to balance it - this is one of the reasons why I want to add mod-exclusive content - some of the weapons and equipment from base game might be off and simply won’t fit in PvP arena like this - my guns will be specifically designed for this mode so that SHOULD result in balance, but who knows in the end.

https://www.twitch.tv/fiffe_ - join me @ Twitch, I’m making some models for the mod right now :slight_smile:


This looks disproportionate. I’s too thin.

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