Unturned 4 - Battle Royale Mod


I might change it later when I get my hands on 4.0 models for reference but for now it looks good to me.


Just compare your model with pubg’s model and a real life parachute.

It’s easy to fix, just scale in the right axis and it should look better.


Keep in mind cloth physics will be a thing, so parachutes are gonna be a biggie.


Ah, that’s what you mean. I thought you were referring to ropes connecting parachute with the vest.
Yeah, you’re right - I will tweak that soon :slight_smile:

I’ll figure it out once the game is out :wink:


Fixed it - at least 10 times better now!


Welcome back FIffe! We missed you :smiley:


Come say hello on stream! Modelling SMG Mk.5 right now :slight_smile:


oof im late, when do you think youll be streaming again?


Afternoon stream progress

Probably later in the evening :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to make the model for individual bullets!

And if you plan on letting people utilize the newer attachment system, make sure to separate your stock and such from the gun. Remember that iron sights should be two separate models, too.


I always try and make it so it’s as modular as it can but for now I join these objects so they gun looks complete on Sketchfab and screenshots. I’ll separate everything once the game is out, I need to see how it works. :slight_smile:


mp5k? (10 chair limit)


Yes :slight_smile:

I’m about to make Mk.15 assault rifle so feel free to join me :smiley: www.twitch.tv/fiffe_

@update Not much has been done on the stream since I switched to playing Fortnite after about 30mins, sorry for the confussion :stuck_out_tongue:


I have finally finished the Mk.15 assault rifle, it took way longer than I imagined it would. Next one on the list is Novuh :slight_smile:

You can check out the model here:


Should add the rail system to the gun, and fire mode selector, imo.


Awesome. I like it just the way it is. Most modded guns are super detailed with the rails & textures, but these ones feel more like Unturned.


Should clarify that 4.x does have rails (and presumably more textured guns), with rail systems being an integral part of the core gameplay.


Simple rails like the ones shown in the devlog might not hurt, but I wouldn’t like to see rails you find in a few popular workshop packs.


I’ve always wanted to create workshop mods for Unturned I just have a bunch of questions.
What program do you use?
How do you scale items such as weapons if we havent been given Unturned characters?
How do you create clothing for Unturned 4.x characters if you havent learned the scale of them?

Also good luck with the battle royale I would love to see it in Unturned!


He uses Blender. Also, rn I assume he is just making the model. and if you really wanted, you could measure the size of the guy on your screen, but it looks similar to the 3.0 size.


Yeah. He’s just using the 3.0 model here since it’s basically the same. 4.0’s is, like, slightly taller and skinnier and more muscular/defined. Guns (and clothing) can just be fixed with a simple resize on Fiffe’s part, though waiting a bit before doing the clothing at all would probably help the most.