Unturned 4 - Battle Royale Mod

Oh right, I forgot about it, will done once I am back home :slight_smile:
I will definitely add rails as soon as I get my hands on 4.0 - I don’t really want to work on these until I get a look at how they work in game, I’ve seen that there’s different rails and each one has its specific measurements and I don’t really want to correct every single rail after the game is out. :confused:

I try to stick to 4.0 style we’ve seen on screenshots so the rails are gonna be there, there’s gonna be some camo textures aswell but not on this specific weapon.

I’m using Blender for modelling and GIMP for ‘texturing’.

I don’t really scale items right now, I’ve made a few models for Unturned 3.0 and the scale kinda got stuck in my head so I’m not really measuring them at all, I just try to keep them thick and blocky. Of course I will scale them accordingly to the game once it’s out :wink:

For clothing I’m using character model from 3.0 source files, I don’t think it differs too much from 4.0’s but I’ll probably have to correct my clothing once I start importing files to 4.0.
Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s true, but I still want to have at least simple blockout for items like armors, backpacks and helmets so I can have the base content ASAP.

Thanks for all the response and support! :slight_smile:


Awesome man! I’d love to see how this turns out. Ever since PUBG first came out I’ve really wanted to see a good battle royale on Unturned, because arena is tbh just not that great.

You have my total support!


Yeah, Arena was lacking a lot but it wasn’t really ever a priority, I think it was just a little side thing Nelson did for fun, in mod’s case I will completly focus on PvP and BR aspects :slight_smile:

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That’s just picatinny rail though, I’d rather wait for final version of that article or for game files, we’ll see in few weeks I guess


Yeah. The “final” version won’t be until Nelson adds guns using those other rails. Picatinny is all good when applicable though! (It has already gone through its fair share of revisions.)


Ah well if it really is then I might actually implement it after all (but I’d want to have all the guns finished first, then I’ll think about attachments since they can be shared between some of the guns) but to be honest I’m fairly sure the beta will be out by that time.

I mean, after all picatinny is still the most used rail in the weapons I’ve made so far.


When will you be streaming next?

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Fortnite in less than an hour if my internet can handle 4k bitrate, I might - and probably will - do Blender later.

Streaming right now, making Novuh @ www.twitch.tv/fiffe_


Bambarelli’s Novuh is finally finished, this one didn’t take nearly as much time as Mk.15 did :triumph:
I am pleased with results but I believe there is always room to improve so let me hear your thoughts!

Also some people asked me to create a Discord channel that will post notifications whenever I start streaming so here’s the link if anyone is interested: https://discord.gg/THEMbp7

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That’s a nice model! Sorry I didn’t watch the stream.


Thanks! There’s more models and streams to come, don’t worry :slight_smile:

@small update
The progress will stall for upcoming days since I will be travelling a little bit, but when I’m back from my holiday I’ll still have like 5 days off-work and that’s when I will be streaming and pumping out new models :slight_smile:

@next update
I’m back from my trip, I’ll start working on the models tommorow!


I’ll be streaming modelling in about 10 minutes, come say hello :slight_smile:



The stream has ended, this is the result!

@small update

I’ve wrote a little post on my blog about past 15 (-5) days of development, feel free to read it if you’re interested!
Any feedback is much appreciated as always :slight_smile:

@stream update
I’m streaming right now, come hang out if you want :slight_smile:


@post-stream update
Here’s the result of today’s afternoon stream:


I’ve made this one yesterday, it’s a little bit different - been taking a look at Nelson’s AR from devblogs and noticed it has a lot of details so this one is a bit more detailed as well.
I’ll have to add few more things to the guns I’ve done earlier so they all fit the art style.


Secret stream incoming - except it’s not!
Working on Fusilier assault rifle - this one is pretty complicated.


I was looking at your trello, and you don’t have any cards for non weapons item (like binoculars), medical items, and attachments. Are you just going to use the stuff nelson adds for the base game?

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I’m gonna make my own consumables (medkits, drinks, food, etc.) as well as equipment, it’s just not there yet :slight_smile:

Here’s today’s stream progress (not really just today’s since I started working on it on friday I think)

Started adding logos to weapons and stuff that represent the community so if you ever dreamt of becoming a guns manufacturer you can become one now (in my mod though, maybe in real life too, don’t let your dreams be dreams).


Look at my beautiful logo… Once again thanks Fiffe!


I’m live again, making AB-104 (Abakan) assault rifle :slight_smile:
Come say hi!


Long time no updates!

I’ve almost finished the AB-104 assault rifle - it’s gonna be one of the common assault rifles found throughout the map - it’s gonna have single, burst and full-auto fire modes, rather slow fire rate, dealing medium damage with pretty good armor penetration, best used on medium range.

I will start and finish detailing it tommorow in the evening, so tune in to have a chance of getting your logo on this gun :wink: