Unturned 4 - Battle Royale Mod


i really like the front muzzle piece!


Most muzzles are in the front.


Don’t bully me because I am extra descriptive so people like you don’t complain that I wasn’t descriptive enough. (just kidding btw).


I’m finishing the AB-104 assault rifle right now on stream, come say hello!



I’ve finished AB-104 and started working on Wrath-4 during last stream.

Today I managed to finish it but I had to do it off-stream. Check it out - it’s a low caliber submachine gun with high fire rate, it’s magazine holds up to 50 9mm bullets.
It has a medium recoil and spread due to lack of a stock and it’s high fire rate. It does a lot of DPS on short distances while being pretty unreliable on medium ones.


Wow really Incredible… I love your content, especially the famas, maybe because I am french???
Well, I would be interested to be a gun manufacturer interested the game ^^
I got 5 guns ideas :
F2000 SMG ( belgium SMG ) : Belgewehr
Gilboa AR ( it is a dual barrel gun ) : Twingewehr
PGM Hecate SR ( anti material rifle ) : Meurtre
M60 LMG ( american machinegun ) : bloodsplitter


11/10 dude, I like that idea and your content.
If you want, I got 3 guns ideas :3
P226 (An Austrian pistol): Spear 226
SA L85A2 (A British assault rifle): Queen’s Blade
HK417 (A German battle rifle): Langschwert


Hey, thanks for the kind words and ideas guys, I’ll keep those guns in mind in case I want to add any more or replace the ones that are not done yet :slight_smile:

F2000 is actually an assault rifle and it looks really futuristic, I feel like I would have to add it to an airdrop or make it super rare.
Gilboa looks super cool but it also seems super OP.
M60 is coming in one of the updates after the mod is released :wink:

I like P226 a lot, might add it since there’s not many pistols right now!
I was thinking about adding L85 previously but instead I made FAMAS because it’s in-real counterpart differs from the other guns not only in the visual aspects (fire-rate especially), while L85 is pretty similar to other guns.
HK417 is definitely going to be added later but it’s gonna be a little different from it’s real life equivalent.


I’ll be making Annihilator shotgun in few minutes, come hang out with me on my stream!


I like that model for…reasons :stuck_out_tongue:


You and me both have favorite guns animatic if you catch my drift…:wink:
Also, Fiffe, I would watch your stream a lot more if you started an hour later. Cause, whenever your streaming, I’m in the middle of my English class.


It’s pretty hard for me to have a specific time for streaming right now because when I get back from work, eat dinner and rest for a short while it’s already 6 PM :confused:
Sometimes I start sooner, sometimes later, sorry for that but until I get my car fixed I have to go to sleep at 9 PM - to get some sleep before work - which gives me only an hour to stream if I started at 8 PM.

Anyway, after I’m done with Annihilator I’m gonna work a bit on a game for my stream chat so I will stop posting here while I do that since it has nothing to do with Unturned and the mod itself so if you want to talk to me or watch me code and develop games in general make sure to follow the channel or join our Discord :slight_smile:


Perhaps for that, you could start a development thread up in #gamedev


Trying to finish the Annihilator today - come say hi :slight_smile:


PS. Does anybody have any recommendations for graphics tablet for total beginners? I’d specifically like to get a Wacom but I don’t want to overpay for something I might end up not using.


I’ve finished the Annihilator off-stream since I haven’t had much time today - here’s how it turned out!


looks good m8


I’m making the mod again! Come hang out on chat while I work on some new models! You can also test out my new twitch game :slight_smile:


Hey Fiffe, since you’re adding logos to guns, could ya maybe add a dragon to a sniper of some sort? Maybe like this, but a light grey like the other logos?!



Sure, the only prerequisit is that you have to be watching a stream. It’s a little ‘reward’ to everyone that keeps me company while I am doing the ‘boring stuff’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright, I’ll try to stop by a stream next time!


The stream is live, I’m trying to finish the STRKR sniper rifle today! (AFK for ~20min)


I’m texturing the STRKR right now, come hang out :slight_smile:


And it’s done!


No logo on this one?