Unturned 4 - Battle Royale Mod


just wait dragon


I will be adding logos once I start rescalling the models to match the player model, but I remember about you :wink:


Cool stuff you’re making for Unturned II. :open_mouth:
I really like how neat your models look.

By the way, is there any chance you might know the title to the music playing at the 4:00 minute mark in your stream here? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/275530809


Thanks :slight_smile:
The song is Crystal Castles - Tell me what to swallow


A little backpack I made during a quick unannounced stream:

I will probably be streaming today in the evening and I will try to figure out what would the map look like, come hang out and throw your ideas at me :slight_smile:


twitch.tv/fiffe_ - map stream is on :slight_smile:


I’ve made some progress on the map, you can see the initial version here: https://trello.com/c/F48DqyoE/74-bristlecone-valley-01-map

I also started working on buildings, here’s the first one:

The windows and doors are missing for now since these will be most likely added using game’s engine.


I finished the second building today, I think the result is pretty nice :slight_smile:


dang your good


I am streaming right now, making some new buildings and creating LOD groups for the previous ones. Come hang out! :slight_smile:

@update Streaming again :slight_smile:


Hey fiffe, do you consider using an other airplane instead of the C130, like an AN-124 or an AN-225 as thoses planes are way cooler. I also tought you could add an snowy area where movements are slower, maybe also an airport, some infrastructures and maybe ruins of cities ( backstory would likely set up after the infection, with an area devoted for violents games where only best survivors would won.


Hold on bruh. This is battle royale stuff. Not a plain survival stuff. Why have a story when nobody is going to have the time to look it over?


The first map is based in an environment similar to USA/Canada so I don’t think Russian planes will be fitting well but in case I make more maps then I’d like to have other planes too.

@THEMAX94120 @Aj_Gaming
It is gonna be battle royale type mod but I’m not making 1:1 PUBG or Fortnite copy, sure - some stuff is heavily inspired by these games but I am thinking of my own stuff as well and I’m constantly getting new ideas.

I might write about some of these soon, but I don’t really want to do this before releasing the mod as I feel like some of them might be off-putting to people even though they never tried them out - we’ll see :slight_smile:

As to story - there will be environment-based storytelling - so people can still discover why you’re there fighting other people, kind of like in Dark Souls :wink:


Hello, I will be taking some time off to work on a small map of mine for Facepunch’s Tub. Shouldn’t take too long and I’ll be back working on this mod soon :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, the development is back, starting where I left off.
Also, stream out of nowhere!


Pizza stream time!



And here’s the result


There’s a bit of clipping between the gutters and the roof—and some of the details look a bit weird due to the proportions and just kinda phasing out of existence once they hit the wall—but it’s not bad at all. The gutters could use some more work though.

I really want to say something about the stairs, but officially those have the least amount of information available. (They could still be wedges!)

The steps shouldn’t be so small. They should at least be the size of the doorway/window ledges. Then, they should have more height to them. If you wanted to, you could use the latest public version of the player model rig to get a feel for the proper proportions. This image may also help you, although these aren’t interior stairs:


That one pipe looks a bit out of place IMO. It might be too round, or maybe it needs to be the same color and glossiness as the gutters.


The gutter on the roof of the deck seems underling. I think it should run off to the side. Not in front.


These were supposed to be exactly that size last time I asked about them, but this might’ve changed along the way since they were not final :slight_smile:

I figured the pipes don’t have to go out on the other side since they should be hidden in the wall just like in real life - you wouldn’t normally see them in your room, you only have access to them where you need it (e.g. kitchen, bathroom etc.) and this can be either separate prop or just something attached to let’s say oven prop.

The gutters on the other hand are weird, they are supposed to have some inset on top of them according to wiki but in the pics they don’t apparently. I’ll change that today on stream, along the clipping (thanks for pointing that out :slight_smile:) and roof edges’ angle to fit them the screenshot style.

You’re right, for some reason it has smooth shading (same in other buildings), I’ll fix that today.

I’ll fix that in the stream (except for the side, I want to put a water barrel there since it’s pretty empty in the back of the house).

I think I fixed most of the problems you guys pointed out, these can be now seen on the same sketchfab link I’ve posted.

Btw. the stream is ON if anyone is interested :slight_smile:


Short stream while I am fixing the stairs :slight_smile:

It turned out to be actually more than just fixing the stairs (Molton was right) - I also had to shorten the buildings by 20cm’s on each LOD group. The good thing is that I’m almost done, only two LODs left :slight_smile: