Unturned 4 - Battle Royale Mod


Long time no updates here!
I’m gonna spend next week (starting tommorow) working on some models again, hopefully I will be able to work on a car(?) now :smiley:


After a long break there’s a bunch of new models - from farm environment specifically :slight_smile:
You can read more about it in my new blog post here: https://www.fiffe.pl/blog/posts/8

What do you think?

Also, if you have any ideas to share - please post them here :slight_smile:


Really am i liking the models. Very Cool.


I’m thinking a dynamic, freeform safezone like Ring of Elysium as compared to just a boring old circle.


Why not a swarm of bees?


How bout Trump’s wall


Tabg already did that.


A wall of memes


I actually have a pretty good idea for spmething instead of a wall which i will post later, as i am on the bus home rn.


Care to explain a bit more? :slight_smile:

I have no problem with sneaking in memes but I wouldn’t want to ruin the game’s atmosphere with them.


So, all battle royale games have a wall. This is so that action doesnt get stale as you try and find the other players.

What i was the thinking is that there would be NO CIRCLE WALL, but instead all dead players respawn as juggernauts on the same team, and try to hunt down the last people alive (these juggernauts would have op unobtainable armor [they can still die], op guns, unlootable corpses, and they can see the alive players on the map.). When it comes down to the last 10-15 players these juggernauts spawn. (Maybe there should be a ring, where if you are not in it the juggernauts can see you instead of them being able to see you all the time :man_shrugging:)

I also feel like there should be a different ending than last player alive. More like:
Team up with the remaining players and fight off the juggernauts for 5-10 minutes

(The teaming up seems kinda iffy, unless it puts everyone on the same team.)


So basically instead of battle royale you want to turn it into some sort of infected gamemode. :l


They would only respawn with a few players left, not right away


I believe there’s a BR game that instead of having a wall of some sort, has one airlift which you need to get on to win. I don’t think the airlift flies into and lands on the map at the very beginning of the match.


So instead of people getting put into a new royale you expect them to sit around and wait till the end like virtually nobody does unless they’re spectating their friends?

:l intensifies


idk, there could be like a waiting deathmatch or something to keep them entertained. But a wall is in every br, and it is not entertaining to be running from an invisible killing thing.


Ring of Elysium.


Hey, er… serious question.

Will there be default dance? I’m not joking, just wondering if modding emote is a thing or not.


You’re getting into the realm of animation. If you can animate, then yes, the ability to animate dances technically is and has always been a thing.

Context would be important in this case.


While this is not a bad idea it’s practically impossible to pull off, most players will leave the match immediately after dying. Maybe instead of making another visual circle we should consider making some PvE threat like zombies spawning around players outside the action (like in DayZ).

There was this game called The Culling which had poisonous gas as a circle wall. There were also containers with this gas spread out around the map which you could break to release the gas in small area which led to some really cool gameplay.

As I said previously I want to emphasize the mood/atmosphere in the game so dances are probably not gonna be a thing - rather some emotes like sitting, waving or something to use after killing your enemy instead of teabagging them.