UNtUrNed 69 key

Have yoU gUys got the UNtUtNed 69 key yet.
I was hopefUl some oNe could seNd me it.
I have .1 hoUrs iN UNtUrNed.
CoUld yoU seNd me the code.
ThaNks NelsoN.
Btw this is UNtUrNed 69. UNtUrNed 69

Porn links aren’t allowed.


… Ported.

Which also means…


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Well, I won’t click on that then.

Though, I basically never click links.

Unless ure being sarcastic… Flip now I dunno what’s what.

ya know in situations like these i would make a sex joke

but molt or yarrrr (maybe both) will eventually censor my message

Flags for the meme.

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