Unturned anniversary! – Contest announcement

Thank you for participating; submissions are now closed, and all winners have been contacted.
Thank you all for playing Unturned. Happy 7th Anniversary!

Today is the anniversary of Unturned! A core part of the game experience is being able to build your own base. Big or small, wicked or cozy… no matter the grace of it, it’s a home to return to. In celebration of the game’s anniversary, we are hosting a friendly contest giveaway. Show off your magnificent in-game base, for a chance to win a Mythical Confetti Fez!

Any submission that fails to adhere to the guidelines, and is not posted in the proper submissions thread, will not be considered a valid submission!

Rules and guidelines

The rules and submission guidelines are simple:

  • Only one entry per person!
  • Submission is uploaded as an image, such as a PNG or JPG.
  • The image should show an in-game base.
  • Must be your own work – not someone else’s build.
  • Entries must be submitted as a reply to the dedicated submissions thread.
  • The deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, on July 9, 2021.

Winning and rewards

  • Receive a Mythical Confetti Fez if you win!
  • Winners will be contacted through this forum, via a direct message.
  • If we are unable to contact the winner, a different submission will be chosen.

Anything else?

In addition to the base building anniversary contest, a small giveaway is being hosted on the Unturned Official Discord server! We have also released a new blog post, recapping major events from the this past year of Unturned.


can i submit something i built before the announcement of this contest ((asking for af rined))))

edit : also, only one image? can i put many screenshots into one png?


dananby is gonna win for sure

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Yes, you your friend can put multiple, older screenshots into a single PNG. Edited images are fine.


ok thanks molton montro i will let my homie know about your response, have a nice day


Very epic😎

I’m guessing no workshop mods right?

Steam Workshop mods and curated content are a valued part of the game, and can be used in this event. :slight_smile: Ideally, any mods that are used should be specified in your submission post, but this isn’t a formal guideline. Relevantly, there are also no restrictions on using the in-game cheats, including the advanced building mode.

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Usually when there’s a major event, the map skin changes, like Christmas for example, but then the rest of the world :earth_americas: is not Christian and I personally don’t give a :poop::poop::poop::poop: about it. Will there be a Ramadan for Kuwait :kuwait:? Now that it’s Unturned anniversary, maybe PEI could add a Statue of Nelson in front of the Castle :european_castle: as a Point of Interest location for all of us take a few selfies/screenshots in third person next to it.


Christmas is celebrated by most if not all religions which is why its in the game. Same thing goes for Halloween, most religions partake it in it but some do not, never the less its in the game and no one complains

This is a indie survival game, not a religion simulator, dont make it one please and thank you


Yes! Many players during normal gameplay have renovated and occupied preexisting buildings, such as an office floor, to make their base. Although their should be some sort of “built” element to your base, with structures and/or barricades, you can use prebuilt objects as a part of your base.

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the event is gonna finish, i am so excited!

holy fuck that’s beautiful, congrats on the win gg

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The rules said he has to take pictures of inside the building:troll emoji:

Thank you for participating; submissions are now closed!

It’s time….

will you post who won?


i dont they decided yet…