Unturned Bugs with GPU usage and Memory usage

So I’ve found a few large bugs, and I’m not sure they’re known, but who knows!

So the first bug is an issue with unturned over using GPU processing power when tabbed out of any of the three windows modes. I’ve tried limiting the frames and I’m fairly sure it still happens regardless of the frame cap. I’ve got a decent 1060Ti GPU and the game only uses like 50% when not tabbed out. I’m sure this has probably been observed but regardless it would be nice if this were fixed so when I’m tabbed out making NPCS and Blender or whatever I can actually use them, because as of now the second I tab out unturned goes sicko mode and uses 100% of my GPU.

Issue two, and again this one might be known. When exiting unturned it often times the exit function doesn’t work and just defaults the program to “not responding” now this wouldn’t be an issue if every time it happened it tried to use 100% of my PCs memory. Like seriously nearly hit 100% while it wasn’t responding. This needs to be fixed pronto.


First one, less of a bug I’d say and more a feature that was never included. Would still be nice if something was done to limit GPU usage in the background.

Second one, definitely an issue and one I’ve experienced as well.

I think its also just a bit of a issue with spaghetti coding tho VTM. The intensive hell that GPU’s and CPU’s go through for this game is way higher than what it should be and that honestly sucky wuckies!
Coming fomr a 2060 Ti owner btw

A 1060 ti doesn’t even exist.

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