Unturned Devblog 69, again

Time for another crusade… the form has many many new ideas…
First of all gore NEEEEEDS TO :b: A thing. Every body pixel is simulated and can be blown off, lots of blood and chunks will fly out, the character will vomit everywhere and wail and cry in pain, limbs would be fully dismembered and look ultra goods, sooooooooo goods that D player will vomit and look away in the Weal Worlds. Once again kos will be punished by shaggy cumming to your house and doing things for you.

The body will be changed to the slender man modle with female mode having big bobs and bum :drooling_face:. y me pee pee hard now?
And all clothes will be fully ripable and damageable so you can shoot clothes of people like a kewelcop thumbnail.

Climbing in dead animals. 200iq idea, you have to getfs 6969 skills to got Dis, then you can kill animal and climb in Da bum bum, you do this to kep worm and safe… cause every 2 mins the temp drops to -69 degreeees and gets a little cold. Tne the plazyers wills die if not in a bum… some thimes you can climb into a dead zombie and stay safe. You can also build a base in there. You need to stay in the bum for 69 in game days, or about 4 real life hours till the colds winds ends. The only way to not be in a bum is in a dead zone under warter with 10 super megas to find good clothe with 0.00000000001% chance to spawn for balancing.
Also scars would be a thing, after you take 1 steps you get big scar and you always get infected after 4 mins and then you begin to die always. Scars are also got from eating and when a zombie hits you you break all bones in your body. Then you use one med kit for 10000 sec to fix though.
Also unturned 69 will have battle Royale mode. I will copy paste Fortnite into unturned and replace all the heads with zombies and then done.

There will also be placeable railways, wooded rail ways can cure cancer and you place everywhere, zombies pay to ride on it. Railways carry trains and helicopters. These can go real fast on them and are cool and good and I like traisna dnd you can hound ny sta8nsb kuvce uf toy cwya3 tin.
That last Sentence was most important though🔼.

Lastly consal support will be added. Only for game cubes and will u though.
After lastly unturned :six::nine: will cost 69.69 jash coins.
By the way diary of a wimpy kid club is on today, please don’t be Greg, I’m already Greg and we need a rowely. johny don’t forget snacks again or we will have to kick you out, it’s at subway and no swearing or my mum won’t let me do it.

Congratulations, once again you show how much your content contributes to keeping the SDG forums an intelectually clean and productive forum that puts Reddit and the Steam Forums to shame. Nice work!


Fank you.

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Devblog 76.

Added T-posing turned.
The game now deletes itself when opened with MAC, Pc and every platforms except Atari.

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But really, can I have this?
I do want the deaths of my enemies to be as realistic as possible.
I’d really appreciate being able to damage a body enough for the player to be unable to stand, perhaps bleeding all over, utterly helpless. A perfect chance for unwarranted cruelty. Just for fun, you know?
Yes, yes, it may seem like an absolute joke, cruelty on a fake person. But it’s the idea of it being real that’s fun.
Alright, maybe it would actually deter players from killing each other? For real this time.
It wouldn’t do so to me, if anything, it would encourage it. But I’m assuming people would actually dislike this enough for killing to take a toll on their mentality, change the way they see the average engagement.
But that’s if it’s properly done! You can’t have people feeling sorry for their enemies when you botch a good chance to add unnecessary violence.
If you manage to make it realistic enough, nobody will want to bludgeon each other to death anymore.

As for the rest of the post, you did an excellent job ridiculing the community.
If you didn’t classify this as a meme, maybe they would take it more personally?

I fucked up again.

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So you want to shoot people and watch them fall over in a pool of blood and basically nothing else? Because IRL gunfights are pretty boring in the gore department, it’s just leaky holes in someone.

Also this is stupidly edgy


I try my best.

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