Unturned Esports League

I am going to host the first Season of Unturned Esports most likely next week.
Prizes are sponsored by Nelson (a unique trophy skin with your name)
I know that Unturned is by far not a esports ready game but its still fun for everyone involved.
Used to host there tournaments weekly around 6 months ago but eventually stopped. I have worked on things and came up with better formats to make the experience smoother. I have mod creators and plugin dev behind the scenes working on custom plugins to give everyone the best possible experience.

Would be nice to see a few of the actives from this discord competing there! :slight_smile:

All Infos if you are interested:

Discord Server Rules

Rule #1: Be respectful. Toxic behaviour is not tollerated
Rule #2: No advertisements, Racism, 18+ Content, Spam or CAPS. Dont tag me
Rule #3: No voice chat spam (voicespam & rejoin spam)
Rule #4: English only communications
Rule #5: No special characters, emojis or memes as your nickname

General Unturned Esports Rules & requirements

Rule #1: The default requirements for tournaments or other events are: 200 hours on record & No Vac or game ban past 360 days.
Rule #2 If you do have a Vac or game ban you need to have at least 1000 hours on record.
Rule #3 You always have to play with your main steam account.
Rule #4: All games will be played in first person with bullet drop on.
Rule #5: If you are banned or temp-banned, you are not allowed to use another account to participate.
Rule #6: Its always recommended to record the gameplay with game audio on.
Rule #7: Green-Skins are not allowed. Using glitches or bugs to your own advantage is not allowed either.
Rule #8: Cosmetics have to be disabled during the games. Gunskins are allowed.
Rule #9: Be respectful to everyone. Dont harass or offend anybody. Keyword: Fair Play!
Rule #10: Your Steam Profile and game hours have to be public during seasons including sign-ups Rule #11: You need to set your Steam Profile to public if a Staff member asks for it.
Rule #12: You have to be in the Unturned Εsports Steam group to participate in tournaments.

Season 1 Info

Using screenshot because it looks better in discord:

How to Sign Up


Those are currently more of a community thing as Season 1 will be played Solo.
Next Season is planned to be played in larger teams.

There will also be a discord bot and website, both of them showing the current rankings in realtime.

If theres any questions or suggestions please let me know :slight_smile:


Already joined :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why do these keep hosting WHEN I wont be here?

nobody wants this

10 chars ^^

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I wonder what compels you to believe that you somehow speak for all 1,986 users in this forum.


@Pork @DeusExMachina @Lance hmu weeb team /s


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do i get paid

Its there any problem if you miss some matches? what would be an usual time they would be hosted?

Sign me up

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Every Saturday and Sunday games start 6pm CEST and will start with the highest division.
If you miss one of the days you can technically still qualify for the next week if you get enough points


Fact that it was out for 2 hours and only had 3 likes

has been out for 16h and has 0 likes

Mmmmm. It’s okay to have an opinion and to express it, but assuming that your opinion is all-encompassing is a bit of a stretch, regardless of how you interpret the situation, no?

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This is probably not the best place to advertise an Unturned 3 PVP Tournament since barely anyone here plays pvp activly. However I thought I would post it here in case theres someone thats interested.

lmao the link expired

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btw what about the hackers? there is a lot of those people nowadays and i really mean it im pretty sure there will be some guys like that will pull some shit like that :confused: