Unturned FPS

Hi!! because when I enter the map (shooting range) in Unturned 2 it is reduced to 5 FPS, so I can’t play it, I don’t know if it only happens to me or someone else :confused:

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well what settings are you running at?
what are the specs of your pc?
do you have anything running in the background that might interfere with the game’s performance?

Well, at this moment the graphics are all low. I have a full screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and I don’t have any other application that interferes with the performance, what seems strange to me is that when the beta version came out a few months ago. Some time ago I was able to enter that map and I was going perfect. but it didn’t go well on that map before, it was only in a short time.

what are the specs of your pc?

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AMD A6-7310 processor with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics 2.00 GHz
RAM 4.00 GB
64-bit operating system

do you have a GPU?

edit: on second thought, if you’re using the graphics processor built into your processor, that might be the issue

why would would you say this
why is it bold
so many questions

again why is this bold
but looking up AMD Radeon I can only assume you have built in graphics, which means you have a low end pc like a laptop or monitor without the desktop.

Possible Solution: Prolly purchase a desktop so you can put a decent graphics card inside it


Also, only 4 gigabytes of RAM?


No wonder you can’t run Unturned, I can’t run it on my current laptop and even I have 8 GB of RAM.

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The A-series processors are absolutely horrible from my personal experience so I’d be amazed if it hit 10 FPS on a good day. Especially since its a low-end laptop processor from 4 years ago.


As the others said above, it is safe to say at this point that your PC is below-spec and not powerful enough to run UII (or a lot of other games, for that matter) very well.

Additional optimization passes for UII in the future may alleviate some of this, but in the meantime if you want better FPS you should consider a hardware upgrade.


Are you playing on a laptop or desktop? With all the black friday stuff going on now you can get a whole new PC for a good price.

My PC is an HP laptop, and by reading what they wrote to me, I think I will try to buy some slightly better components or maybe a better desktop PC. Very grateful with all the help

You use a laptop so upgrading is basically impossible other than an SSD and sometimes RAM.

Well your in luck, black friday is tomorrow so you can get better prices on a pc.

exhoose me
but I think you mean cyber monday

Craptops are totally incapable of running Unturned and Unturned II. Junk like that is only good for flash games and small/low-intensive game, or rather your school work that your parent intended for you to use it for.

You need a decent PC to be able to play UII normally at (above) reasonable frames. Maybe an expensive laptop, but if you desire gaming under a budget I’d prefer a hand-picked / built PC (PC building advice can be found in the internet, like the PC building subreddit)


The fire range has a lower fps, what is your fps on other maps?

That is strange because, for example, on the CQC map it reaches approximately 24 fps with a resolution of 60%, on the map of the horde chapel it goes to 41 fps and on the Horde potato at 69 fps.

All three of those maps are extremely simple though. CPU load shouldn’t be too intensive on them but your graphics are very weak so anything close to what the game will be in the future will be a struggle to run. Firing Range would be the best map right now to check your performance on in my opinion.