"Unturned Has A Map Problem" - Manoman

Not a promotion per se, however, I do think it’s something we could talk about.
I left a comment on the video, I’ll post it here for convenience.

As a curated map maker (worked on Rio de Janeiro) I hear what you’re saying, and I wish the Curated map maker community could do more to create interesting concepts. I’d love to create a map with a section that is on fire, like you suggested, however, the reason why stuff like this hasn’t been added is due to Unturned being closed source. Modders cannot add any code to the game, and Nelson doesn’t want to add any more content. Modders are forced to work with the same tools that we’ve always been working with. We can ask Nelson for some new minor features (which he usually adds after 2 or 3 months, that’s what the majority of the last updates have been) but he won’t go so far as to add new game mechanics like you’re asking for. To give you an idea of what modders can actually add. Resources, (Bushes, Trees, Metal Nodes) Clothing, Guns, Ambience, (Background sounds), Animals, (This does not mean zombies) Objects and Effects. (Particle Effects, though also some sounds) As you can see, it’s rather limited. We can definitely get creative, and a lot of people try to break the norm, but part of this lack of creativity is due to Nelson, some of the more outlandish maps (Like Candyland) are “Featured”, and not actually officially supported. Nelson tries to keep the core game experience close to the Vanilla maps, Dango is so far the only exception.

Curated maps are the only thing that is keeping Unturned alive at the moment, and we’re trying to do the best we can to keep the experience at least somewhat interesting. For most of us, the creative process is what we enjoy most, not the gameplay of the map. Most mapmakers don’t want to pump a load of time into a project that’s not going to be played, even if that’s not their primary motivation to make a project.

As for your concepts; Metropila is interesting but ultimately flawed, a map like this might as well be an Arena map, as that is the only kind of gameplay this kind of map will ever receive. Most New players will be gunned down in an instant due to not being able to gain the necessary equipment to survive, due to early birds camping all the loot spots. Highway 51 shares the same problem, except it wastes space even more and exacerbates the problems I outlined with Metropila.
Isles of Agony is very interesting, I think given the right execution this map could actually work, however, I highly doubt this due to how most players like to play the game. Most people would camp one island, and never move. They’d have all the resources they’d ever need, and very quickly get bored of exploration. It would become the ultimate base raiding simulator due to that being the only thing left to do besides getting shot.
Water World shows the most potential, as gameplay like Subnautica could be introduced, however, it is not possible to make this map interesting without Nelson adding more content to the game. Animals currently cannot swim, meaning no aquatic animals could be added. No new zombies will ever be added to 3.x, meaning the player can just fly over them in the water. Some maps are looking into adding more underwater content in order to give the map a more lively feel, however, I don’t think a map set purely underwater could be plausible/fun, most players would probably quit relatively fast.
Worlds Apart would run into the same problem that the Driftless ran into, players would have no incentive or will to travel back to the other side of the map once they’ve crossed the sea, as they have everything they need on that side of the map. I’m assuming each side would have Civilian and Military loot? If so then that would cause players to never leave either side, if one side didn’t have this loot then it would immediately put all players on that side at a disadvantage and would give players on the other side no reason to travel to that side of the map. When was the last time you headed further south than Moscow when playing Russia?


I’d like to see new map formats like that. It would be interesting indeed.



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I have been hoping for a long time he adds some support for underwater stuff. I would really enjoy creating and even playing on a primarily underwater map but it looks like its not going to be possible any time soon.

Well, there is an interesting project, but it is not technically supported in Unturned, which would be a map in the desert.

In the daytime, the player would overheat and lose more water (thirst), being forced to seek shelter; at night the player would have an effect similar to what happens during snowfalls, but more slowly and less destructively. Adding a very hardcore and interesting gameplay.

While these are simple features that would allow such a map to exist, I don’t think Nelson is worth adding them to Unturned 3.0, but he could think of putting it on Unturned II.

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The video almosts suggests that changing land to water ratio in any way will significantly change how map plays out. I doubt that, it’s pretty much same as throwing a map into a new environment which is what all the maps that are bad did. I think the issue lies in putting some thought into what spawns where on the map and the map ideas put in video don’t have a good way of aiding that.


Some of the ideas even exaggerate the problem.

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Back when I was interested enough to fool around with basic mapmaking in 3.0, I had a few pretty fun concepts that revolved around archipelagos realizing they were a fairly different concept from what we had at the time (this was pre-Russia). In retrospect, if I had devoted the time into properly learning mapmaking, an archipelago map may very well have been a refreshing and fun concept.

I do agree that there’s a lot of creative limitation with maps in U3, but it’s mostly due to fundamental elements of the game that are difficult or impossible to otherwise circumvent (such as, for example, the complete lack of non-land based animals or enemies). I feel like this is where Unturned II really gets the chance to shine, since we’re essentially reinventing the possibilities of such things this time around.

honestly if you want a good map the workshop exists, its literally right there

get overgrown 3 or something, that map is pretty good I guess, or like chernarus or that map with the mountains and stuff.

You’re not forced to play curated maps or official maps. Many workshop maps are much better than anything curated.

Chernarus and Ural Mountains and Overgrown 3 are far better than Greece, Washington, PEI or France.

haha, good joke.


i mean yeah if he focused on a really big map with a lot of unique features that would be lit

from reading this I can determine that you have objectively bad taste in maps


i wanna play the isles of agony and worlds apart maps. In fact, it’d be cool if a map incorporated both of these playstyles. the map could be a c-shaped bay with islands in between, almost like pei, but bigger with more islands. the c-shaped bay would hold a lot of civilian and food loot with quite a bit of medical supplies and police stuff. the islands would have military loot (naval base) and construction loot (oil rig, container ship) along with civilian loot. the idea is that people would need to move back and fourth between areas in order to get supplies. interesting locations such as a naval base or oil rig would provide for replayability due to how unique they’d be. I’ve got a map to make.

Its a good map :rage:

It realy isn’t.
Same goes for Overgrown 3+.

It’s better than PEI

While I hate PEI, I will argue that it isn’t.

but it looks cool so its therefore better

If we’re talking looking cool then Greece beats the majority of maps.

overgrown 3+ is a really good map But Ural mountains and Chernarus are both very sloppy maps

They had a custom object maker but still chose to make compound structures in dense areas. You pretty much get 10fps looking in any direction and the developer made them that way. On purpose.